Hammerhead Sharks

Were do sharks live?

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In all of the world's oceans. Some can even live in estuaries (where the freshwater from rivers or streams connect with the saltwater from sea).

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There are no sharks that live in Spain. Sharks live in the sea/ocean.

sharks can live on the earth

no, sharks live in the ocean

Yes sharks live in water.

Greenland sharks live in the Artic

there not ment to live on land because there sharks and sharks don't live on land

sharks live in every ocean but 70% of oceans are fry of sharks

All sharks (except the San Jose Sharks) live in water

Sharks don't live in the US. They live in the Oceans...

Whale Sharks and Reef Sharks

Sharks are not territorial animals. By this they change their habitat occasionally. Sharks live in the ocean.

Sharks live in the neritic Zone

Sharks live in deep water

Sharks are fish and live in the sea.

tiger sharks live above water tiger sharks live above water

Hammerheads often live in large groups with other hammerhead sharks.

sharks don't live in the lebanese seas but sharks immigrate there in the summer

No....sharks live in water.

About 60% of sharks give live birth. Some species that do are Bull sharks and great white sharks.

yes sharks live in Indiana oceans.

Most sharks live for 20-30 years.

Bull sharks live in water, not continents.

Sharks always live in bodies of water.

Sharks don't eat guppies. Sharks live in the Ocean, Guppies live in fresh water.

most sharks do live in cold waters. I dont exactly know what sharks do but most do.