Were do squids live

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In the ocean.

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Q: Were do squids live
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Where do squids live?

Squids live in water, and will outlive humans.Water

What countries can you find squids live?

Squids live in all of the oceans of the world. Different types of squids live at different depths of whichever ocean they inhabit.

What are the oceans squids live in?

Squids live all over the world, in oceans and in lakes.

Where do vampire squids live?

vampire squids live in the deep,deep sea at the middle of the sea.

Where do squids live in the ocean?

Squids live near the bottom of the ocean about 3000 meters deep.

What do squids live in?

They live in water.

Can squids live with out water?

No, squids will day if they are out of water for too long.

How deep in water do giant squids live?

Giant squids live in the abyssalpelagic zone, about 5,500m down.

Where does squids live?

in the ocean

Where is the habitat for both giant squids and small squids?

The habitat for both giant squids & small squids is mainly in the ocean, because that is where they get their food from, & that is where they are able to live.

In what habitat do squids live?

the ocean

In which oceans do squids live?

All of them.

Do squids live in the ocean?


What do vampire squids live in?

in your imagination.

How are squids different from octupusus?

A squid has 8 arms, but also has 2 extra tentacles. Squids have 2 fins, while octopuses have none. Octopi live solitary, but squids can live solitay or in schools.

Why do squids live?

Because they are not dead- animals are made to live.

What part of the ocean do squids live?

the deep

What zone do squids live in?

Fred zone

Where do squids live in the world?

In the open sea.

Why do squids live in water?

Cause they are that cool

Do squids live in Arctic oceans?


Do squids live in the pelagic zone?

yes they do

Do giant squids live in the north pole?

the answer is no

Do giant squids exist?

There have been reports of huge dead squids but one has never been seen live.

What climate do squids live in?

Yo moms climate