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In Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, you can catch it in the Desert Ruins. When transferring it to a later generation game through Pal Park, it can be found in the Mountain area.

You can also get one in Platinum in the Rock Peak Ruins if you participated in the Regigigas giveaway.

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Q: Were do you catch regirock?
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Where to catch regice regirock registeel?

to catch regirock u go 6 down 9 left and 39 up

How do you get regirock without regigigas?

That question is actually confusing because you don't use regigigas to get regirock. To get Regirock? Catch him! He is quite hard to catch so I recommend Great Balls.

How do you catch regirock in FireRed?

You can't.

Where do you catch regirock in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot catch a Regirock in Pokemon Diamond. To get one, you will have to trade with somebody or migrate it from Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald.

Where is regirock in diamond?

In Diamond you can't catch Regirock, you have to migrate it from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

How do you catch regirock in Pokemon platinum?

You will find Regirock at rock peak ruins route 228.

Can you catch regirock with an ultra ball?


Can you catch the regirock and registeel even if you beat them?


Can you catch regirock if you already have regice?


How do you catch regirock on platinum?

they have videos on youyube of how to do it

Where to catch regirock in Pokemon HeartGold?

Regirock cannot be caught or found in Pokémon HeartGold.

How do you catch regirock in Pokemon firered?

sorry, you cant...

How do you catch regirock in diamond?

how the hell do i know!? :D

Can you catch a regirock when it has ran away?

NO! not if you don't have cheats

Can you catch regirock in Pokemon platinum?

Nintendo event

Can you catch regirock in Pokemon white 2?


Do you have to catch Mesprit and the two others before you can catch Regigigas?

no you have to get regirock regiice and registeel

What do you need to catch reggirock on Pokemon platinum?

I'm not sure if you can catch Regirock on Platinum, but you can insert a pokemon emerald into the ds and get it through pal park. (You need Regirock on emerald.) :~)

How do you get regirock easily on emerald?

Its not easy. All you have to do is have the move false swipe and a lot of other pokeballs that will work to catch regirock

Can you catch regirock regice and registeel in Pokemon soul silver?

no you can, you most catch it in Pokemon emerald

Can you get regigigias without the regis?

Sorry but you have to catch Regice, Registeel and Regirock in order to catch Regigigas.

What is the action replay code to catch a regirock in pearl?

there is no code

What do you do with relicanth and wailord after you catch regice registeel and regirock?

train them

How do you catch regigigas in platinum?


How do you get regigigas in ruby?

you can not get regigigas! but you can catch regice, regirock, registel.