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It was said that you should put it through your "change password" bar. But you shouldn't do that because there is no such thing as the Stardoll Employee code.

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Q: Were do you put the stardoll employee code?
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How do you become an employee on stardoll?

You have to get the employee code, or you really have to work for Stardoll.

What is the code for employee on stardoll?


Does the stardoll employee code work for nonmembers?


What is the employee password for stardollcom?

What is the stardoll gift code

To make it work employee a code you should be changed to email or type employee the code on stardoll?

There is NO employee code- other people make that up just so they can scam people. Stardoll edits their own sites and USERS which means they edit a user as an employee or not. Hope I helped- kiki7324 on stardoll

Is there anything that can tell you the stardoll real employee code?

callie1 :)

What is stardoll's employee code?

f you know it Post it i do,its:2442323224568

How do you put more stardollars on stardoll?

You have to put your code or phone to stardoll office

What do you do with the stardoll employee code?

There is no such thing as the Stardoll Employee Code. Stardoll Staff have verified this themselves. Whoever claims that they have the code, are clearly lying. And don't be tricked or scammed by people saying they will give you this code if you give them one of your DKNY's or Rares. They will SCAM you. I hope I helped! :) - Contagious. (on sd.)

Where do you go to enter the employee code on stardoll?

Theres no such thing as employee code even stardoll said it. People just made it up to make you do things that can risk your loss if your account just to give you this fake so called 'employee code' so don't listen to them!

What is the employee code on stardoll?

I know! You have to be a superstar though. Send your Username and Password to, and she will give your account the employee code plus a free make-over!

How do you become a employee on stardoll?

There is NO employee code if that's what you're thinking. You have to get a job with stardoll to be an employee. If someone says they can make you an employee, dont believe them. You have to know callie.stardoll and she will make you one, but thats impossible. Dont ever give anyone your pass, you dont know what theyll do.

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