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a good place 4 teens 2 hang out is at the mall or the beach

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Q: Were is a good place for teens to hang out?
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What do you do after you play bingo on Wimpy Wonderland?

if you win the CD you go to the place where the teens hang out and play the CD

Where do teens hang out?

Teens normally hang out at parks or where ever really. Most of the time they are walking around though

How the ocean is a good place to hang out?

Some people might think that the ocean isn't a good place to hang out. It all depends on their opinion. If someone likes to swim or likes the water, then they will think the ocean is a good place to hang out at.

What are some reasons that teens like to hang out at the mall?

Teens tend to hang out in a mall or some other public place because they can all gather there after school or on weekends and get something to drink or eat. They do not usually want to go to any of their homes and it is often under shelter from the rain.

What does i want to go out with you mean?

Technically to hang out. But teens use it to have a girlfriend/boyfriend. Usually because it means "hang out", it won't be a serious relationship (teens), but there are more and more cases where teens do really go out for many years.

Where are some good places to hangout?

There are many good places to hang out in most towns. What usually makes a good place to hang out is, good food, fun activities and great hours of operations.

Where do French teenagers like to hang out?

I seems to me that they like to hang out just outside home, just out of hearing distance of their parents. When there is a fast-food restaurant or a similar place with seats, you can find some teens, but all they really need is some place to sit and chat.

Where would the teenagers hang out in surrey?

Most of the teens would hang out in their nearest towns e.g. Guildford or Horsham.

Where is a good place to hang large calendars in one's home?

You can hang calendars any place you want really. A good place is by a telephone so if any appointments come up you can just mark them on easily without having to run around the house .

What percentage of teens hang with their friends less than their family?

I would say about 30% because not most teens have cars unless their rich and I believe there are more poor teens than rich teens.

Where can I find boot camps for teens in my area?

This ia a good place to start looking

Where is a good vacation place in the US for teens to meet other teens?

Actually it depends what kind of person you are! like... you might now want to go to a certain place or country sooo it's up to you!

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