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Were is a legendary Pokemon in pearl?


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On Pokemon pearl there are multiple legendary Pokemon. The first true legendary is probbaly palkia. Rotom and spiritomb etc are just sub legendarys. You can also get heatran giratina shaymin and arceus in Pokemon pearl.

references,ive finished the game 10 times aswell as platinum and diamond.


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It's not a legendary in Pokémon Pearl.

the legendary Pokemon in diamond and pearl are dialga and palkia.

you find the legendary Pokemon heatran

Empoleon is not a legendary Pokemon. It is the final evolution of Piplup, one of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

No, because it is a legendary.

You means Dialga or my Donphan? he not a legendary pokémon.

Na .... it is not a legendary ..... Mesprit,Uxie,Azelf,Palkia,Giratina,Heatran and Cressillia are legendaries in pearl...

get all Pokemon you hav to lvl 100

The Old Chateau is where you find the Legendary Pokemon Rotom

Dialga is kind of a doggieish pokemon.

I think you will have to use action replay

Two legendary Pokemon from Pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum.

No. You need codes and a friend who has pearl. (and Pokemon ranger) or YOU could have Pokemon pearl and Pokemon ranger not just your friends.

You have to get the Legendary Pokemon for diamond or pearl. They are at the top of Mt. Mcorent. You have to get the Legendary Pokemon for diamond or pearl. They are at the top of Mt. Mcorent.

you have to take it from Pokemon fire red or leaf green...they are not actually in the storyline for Pokemon diamond and pearl

Palkia is the legendary Pokemon for Pearl, it is located at the top of Spear Pillar (mt. coronet), you should be led there by the storyline.

Palkia is the legendary Pokemon in Pearl, and there is also various Pokemon found in Pearl, but not in Diamond. Diamond has some, that Pearl doesn't have.

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