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The fuel water separator is located on the frame rail with the fuel filter, you should drain the water and replace the Filter on the frame rail and the filter on top of the motor if your water in fuel sensor light comes on...

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Q: Were is the fuel water seperator located on a 6.0 turbo diesel?
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What does the warning light with a gas pump and 3 rain drops off to the right mean in a 2003 Ford F250 Turbo Diesel?

That light is a warning that the fuel/water seperator has collected at least 100cc of water. You should drain the water from the seperator as soon as possible. If it continues usually means you have bad fuel.

Does the truck need to be running when you drain the water seperator on a diesel?


Where is the water seperator at on a 2005 dodge ram 3500?

It is part of the fuel filter on a diesel.

What does the symbol gas pump and 3 drops mean on a ford diesel truck dashboard?

That light is a warning that the fuel/water seperator has collected at least 100cc of water. You should drain the water from the seperator as soon as possible. If it continues usually means you have bad fuel.

How do you drain water fuel separator 6.0 diesel?

you need a 15mm alan wrenchnand theres a plug on the side of the seperator under the drivers seat

How do you purge the diesel filter on your Peugeot 205 as it has water in it according to the warning light?

I had the same problem on a Peugeot 405 Turbo Diesel. The problem turned out to be the water-in-diesel sensor itself - so I have ignored it for the last 5 years! It is probably the water-in-diesel sensor which is at fault. I have had the same problem for over 5 years on a 405 turbo diesel - so I have ignored it.

How do you drain water from diesel filter on 2008 Isuzu npr truck?

On that Model year their is a small drain on bottom of the fuel filter. Its located back left of engine and is the only filter for the fuel system. It doubles as main filter and water seperator all in one housing. Good luck

What would cause your diesel engine to smoke on a brush bandit wood chipper?

check your fuel filter has water in it more than likely or your water seperator filter ( if it has one ) the same thing.

What to do about gas added to a VW Jetta diesel?

DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR, NOR START THE ENGINE. Get the car towed to a shop, get the tank drained and the fuel lines flushed out. Change out the fuel filter, drain out the water seperator. Refuel with fresh #2 diesel.

Where is the water filter on a 2500 5.9l cummins turbo diesel?

The fuel filter/water separator is on the driver side of the block.

Is the water pump on a 91 legacy turbo located in same place as non turbo?

yes its the same place it might have an extra outlet for the turbo.

Why diesel engine given white smoke but not start?

usually this is caused by glow plugs not getting any power. i am rusty on diesels, so this might not be correct, also check fuel filter and or water seperator filter.

How many diesel filters does the Isuzu FTR have?

Need to know the year.... Typically they have a fuel water seperator filter which is typically located along the frame around the fuel tank(s). Then after the fuel is filtered once it is then filtered again by the main fuel filter thats usually on or around the engine. So typically they have 2 fuel filters.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1992 Nissan 300zx non turbo?

water pump

2001 Dodge Cummins turbo diesel water pump thermostat?

The water pump is to the passenger side of the fan drive, and the thermostat is under the upper hose attachment.

Oil in coolant peugeot 306 turbo diesel?

sounds like the head gasket has gone.. Has it got a oil cooler if so that can leak oil into the water.It is located on the front of the engine and is easy to replace.The biggest job is cleaning the oil out of the water

Why does your glow plug light come on when your engine is warm?

Check the water seperator filter. It may be full.

Does your 2 cycle 03 90 hp Johnson have a fuel water seperator?

no it does not unless you installed one

How to empty diesel out of tank that has got water in it golf car?

There are various ways to empty diesel out of a tank that has water in it in a golf car. You can use the access panel which is located under the rear passenger seat to remove the fuel from the tank.Ê

What is heavier diesel fuel or water?

Water is heavier than diesel fuel

7.3 power stroke water separator how to drain the water?

to drain water from seperator ; lift hood of vehicle stand on a bench on top of the engine is the fuel filter/water seperator on the front passenger side of this is a yellow lever turn this lever and the water will run out the bottom. when done dumping water, return this lever to original positin NOTE, some models, the lever may be on the back side of the filter housing it still all works the same way

Does diesel turn in to water after defrost?

No diesel is a petroleum byproduct and is not water. If there had been water in the diesel fuel, it may separate after a freeze and thaw.

Change a thermostat rover 400 diesel where is it located?

The thermostat is located on the front of the engine. Drain the water from the radiator. Remove the water hose. Remove the thermostat housing bolts. Reverse the process to install the new thermostat.

How do you change the fuel filter and water seperator on a 2003 Isuzu npr diesel?

fuel filter is on back of engine drivers side remove fill new filter with clean diesel fuel put back on; the fuel water seperator on my truck is a clear plastic filter take off drain clean real good put new fuel in and reinstall try to restart engine and let run 5-10 minutes if truck wants to die out you may have to bleed system on the engine drivers side is a small pump un screw plunger take the plug above new fuel filter on housing out pump the plunger until fuel comes out the hole where you removed plug reinstall and tighten up your done

How do you change diesel fuel filter on 1995 dodge 3500?

Filter is located on driver side near the back of the engine (Pain in the rear to access). It is a metal type simmilar to an oil filter It has a water separator on the bottom of it. First unplug the wires on the water separator. Twist the filter off, a filter wrench may be nessisary but they are difficult to get on the filter. Make sure gasket came with the filter. Remove the water seperator change its rubber gasket and install on new filter. Make sure new gasket is properly seated on the new filter and fill filter with freash diesel. Carefuly put new filter back on engine, avoid getting debree in filter. Tighten 1/2 turn after gasket touches. Plug in Water seperator wires Use manual primer to top off fule in filter. It is located down and back from bottom of filter on engine block. Push it 30- 40 times Start vehicle.If the truck doesn't start crack the nuts loose on the first three injectors (by exaust manifold). Crank engine until fule sprays out of cracked nuts. Tighten nuts and start truck.