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It is the last gym. You should have 7 badges to battle the gym leader. The gym leader is Giovanni.

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Q: Were is the gym leader in virdian city?
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Who is gym leader for virdian city?

the gym leader is... Giovanni the head of team rocket.

Where is the gym leader for virdian city?

the gym leader is Giovanni and he will go back to the gym after you beat blaine

What is the name of the virdian city gym leader?

*SPOLIER* , Giovanni ,

Where do you find the virdian city gym leader?

you find Giovanni in silph co.

Where do you find the viridan city gym leader?

The gym leader is Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket. You have to come back to Virdian last as he is the Eighth gym leader. THE LAST ONE!

Pokemon SoulSilver what do you do after Mt.Moon?

You head to Pewter City and battle Brock there gym leader! Then from there you head south to Virdian City. There gym leader won't be there so you keep on to Pallet Town. Then pass Cinnabar island and head to the seaform island and challenge the gym leader! Then after you defeat there gym leader talk to the Virdian Gym leader at Cinnabar island and then you go defeat him at his gym

How do you defeat the 16th gym leader?

after you get all 15 badges go to cinnabar island and there will be the 16th gym leader after you talk to him go to the virdian city gym and he will be there

How do you get to the 8th gym leader in Pokemon fire red and leaf green version?

Its in virdian city. The gym leader is Govanni, and he uses ground and fighting pokemon.

How do you find the gym leader in virdian city in heart gold?

I think you need to beat 7 kanto gym leaders to fight him.

Where is gym leader virdian city Pokemon heart gold?

cinnabar island. he will go to the gym after getting all the 7 kanto gym badges

What do you do after beating blaine in SoulSilver?

go to cinnabar city you'll see somebody talk to him he'll tell you He's the gym leader for virdian city you will see him at the gym after that

In Pokemon soulsilver where is the virdian gym leader?

i think she is on route 25

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