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its at the basement of the dept. store in golden rod city


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It shoud be B1 in the goldenrod city's department store. You'll have to use the elevator.

You dont. There is no underground.

unfortunately, no. unless you're referring to the underground paths.

Godenrod and other places......................

there is a grunt in the underground,you just need to look for him/her(i dont know what gender).

get to the place where you can pressthe buttons and press green

It's in Goldenrod City's Underground Tunnel.

The radio tower manager will give it to you when you rescue him from the Goldenrod Underground.

you can't get underground in soul silver. if you're looking for stones trade Pokemon from diamond, pearl, or platinum holding them.

In both heart gold and soul silver, you are unable to go to the underground, you can however go there in Pokemon diamond, pearl, and platinum.

He is in the underground path, that goes under Goldenrod City

you don't get the uniform you just where it in the underground for a picture and i think a mission :]

You can wear it underground in kanto for a picture with your Pokemon only!

it's soul silver and it's in the town below lake of rage. in the house where outside theres a sign that says "nothing suspicious"

You cannot find it in soul silver but in the underground you can in diamond. :)

They team rocket member in Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver has to be there no matter what.

In soul silver, there are two Team Rocket basses. One with the weird tree outside of it, and the one after that, at goldenrod radio tower, after beating seven gyms. There is no warehouse.

You defeat all of executives first then catch/kill the Pokemon shaped things.

go to the underground part of ruins of alph. you'll run into them if you run around.

The warehouse is in Goldenrod City, it is a small building NW of the city.

Where are the genorator parts in soul soul silver

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