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Were the planets made over millions of years?


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October 13, 2009 6:10PM

YES :)

Although we as humans my have a tendency to over react the proper answer in most science books would be yes.

But God Created everything and it took him 6 days to do it so the answer would be NO.

It took God one day to create the universe.

how ever all of Creation and Evolution is theory so there are no right and wrong answers. Whe cannot know for sure how The planets were made.

Genesis 1:1-31 NIV, NKJ, KJ, ESV...

NO! GOD has created the whole universe by only speaking it into existence, and get this, He did it in only six days! if you need more proof on this, check out, or google: Dr. Hovind.

Just to let that person know up there who said ' there is no right or wrong answers' that there is right and wrongs, and you just said so to by telling us that there isn't.