Were the soldiers in World War 1 all from the UK?

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What did soldiers eat in world war 1?

Dry biscuits, canned meat. Very small rations of food every day. Ahot meal was rare in a trench. Although most soldiers who were sentout of the trench for serving their time could buy a hot meal in acity for a few cents, then go back to duty.

What were the qualities of the soldiers in World War 1?

the qualities were poor The qualities were that they were brave mot poor, they often came from poor families, but always believed that WW1 would be over in s few months, little did they know

What did the German soldiers do after World War 1?

Answer . At the end of WW1 the vast majority were conscripts. They went home and. as far as possible, they returned to their previous occupations. Some professional soldiers became Right-wing mercenaries and a small number of these later joined the SS.

How were soldiers recruited in world war 1?

To get recruited you had to go to a recruitment office and you had to be 17 or older. When the US. was short on soldiers, they started drafting people. The men of the house would receive a letter that told them to join the army.

What was it like for soldiers in World War 1?

Answer . It was living hell on the western front at any rate.They were weakened by hunger,chewed up by lice and terrified by being constantly shelled.

What did a soldier wear in World War 1?

Helmet or field cap, uniform (fatigues), webbing (belt, harness), boots or shoes, puttees, gas mask, rifle, trench coat/overcoat, some soldiers also wore scarfs or knitted caps. Clothing, mostly.

What was the soldiers kit in World War 1?

The soldiers kit in world war one consisted of:- Mark || Lee Enfield rifle. Large canvas pack for carrying wooly cap, spare socks and greatcoat. Digging tool - handle and head seperately. Haversack for carrying rations, paybook, toothbrush, soap and towel, spare bootlace, mess tin (to eat fr ( Full Answer )

What was the salary of a soldier in World War 1?

the basic pay was one shilling per day (5 pence) the men who supplied the front line troops (the army service corps) would receive six shillings (30 new pence) per day even though they were in a lot less danger

What soldiers wear in World War 1?

World War I soldiers were issued button-front shorts as underwear. .... The tank top, an undershirt named after the type of swimwear

In World War 1 what did the families of soldiers do?

while the soldiers were at war the families wrote letters to keep the soldiers spirits up. life on the farm got much harder for the families as they had only the father at the farm. they would also send over gifts. the women would nurse the sick and injured .

How did the soldiers feelin World War 1?

Shell Shock: Summed up in a few short words, shell shock is the battle fatigue. It is a mental disorder caused by the stress of active warfare and death all around the soldiers. It frequently caused depression or insanity. Some of the tougher men managed to come back home with a sane mind while o ( Full Answer )

Who were famous soldiers of world war 1?

General Haig, Wilfred Owen, Alvin Cullum York, Raymond Baer and theres more here is a link http://www.firstworldwar.com/bio/commanders.htm

Soldiers during World War 1?

Shell Shock: Summed up in a few short words, shell shock is the battle fatigue. It is a mental disorder caused by the stress of active warfare and death all around the soldiers. It frequently caused depression or insanity. Some of the tougher men managed to come back home with a sane mind while o ( Full Answer )

Where did World War 1 soldiers sleep?

Mostly on the ground, if they were in the trenches.. They would scrape "funk holes" in the side of the trenches as some protection from the elements and shrapnel or, if they were lucky there would be a dugout - an underground tunnel that would be safe against all but a direct hit from a shell.

What did world war 1 soldiers do to relax?

Get as much sleep as they could. Talk to their mates, play cards and have a cup of tea. Send letters and read letters from loved ones like friends and family.

What a World War 1 soldier had?

Depending on the Nationality of the Soldier, his weapons would vary, Usually a standard bolt-action rifle, no sidearms, usually a bayonet for trench raiding/close quarters. They had a uniform, Standard combat helmet, boots, leggings. A large pack containing water, munitions, gas mask, mills bombs/po ( Full Answer )

How did soldiers get letters in world war 1?

Letters were delivered to their units, wherever they were, often with difficulty. It was considered good for morale that the soldiers should get news from home.

Is there a memorial for the soldiers of world war 1?

Each country that participated in WW1 has some form of a monument. Many towns and cities also have monuments that list the soldiers who died as well.. Many of the main battle fields also have some form of monument to commemorate the battles that took place.

What did soldiers do in World War 1?

its just like what happenes in navy games star wars is like that its a never ending warthey fight to the death until theres one side standing the Aussie or the foreighn

How were soldiers blinded in World War 1?

Gas, exploding shell fragments ( still a real hazard), pieces of glass from battle-damaged buildings, all are causes of combatant eye injuries. One is not aware of how many soldiers were blinded in both world wars. a motion picture given the ( sweet talk) title Pride of the Marines, dealth with the ( Full Answer )

Who was a famous soldier for World War 1?

Quite a few. Pope John XXI was Sgt. Angelo Roncalli of the Italian Army. His fame was primarily in his church career after the war, though. Adolf Hitler would be one. He served with distinction in the German army and was awarded the Iron Cross for bravery. He is more famous for his political ( Full Answer )

What equipment did World War 1 soldiers get?

the equipment would vary from army to army. But, from the American soldier, often called "doughboy", the basics were: uniform, helmet, rifle, bayonet, gas mask, cartridge belt, ammo, mess kit, canteen/cup, first aid pouch, haversack, bacon tin, condiment can, poncho, shelter half. A soldier would ha ( Full Answer )

What did soldiers in world war 1 sleep in?

They simply slept on the cold, wet floor. This would have meant mice and rats would crawl on them and there was always risk of bombings. Sometimes they even slept standing up to avoid the mud etc. on the floor! Hope this helps!

Did World War 1 soldiers curse?

Some certainly did. Just like today some soldiers are religious, some blasphemous. WWI soldiers also complained, moaned and groaned, and tried to deal with their circumstances with humor. My granddad was a WWI vet, and used to be my babysitter when I was little. He'd sometimes break wind audibly, an ( Full Answer )

How did soldiers in World War 1 get typhus?

Soldiers in WWI contracted typhus from poor sanitation and crowded quarters during the trench warfare. Typhus is caused by bacteria that are spread by human body lice and from lice on rats and mice. The largest epidemics of Typhus were actually in the German concentration camps of World War 2.

Did all World War 1 soldiers have graves?

no some just was burried were they died at to remind others of there war but there names was placed in that spot but some did have graves others just rotted away

What did the soldiers call World War 1?

World War I (WWI), was predominantly called the World War or the Great War from its occurrence until 1939, and the First World War or World War I thereafter.

Why UK in World War 1?

The United Kingdom joined World War I after Germany violated Belgian neutrality via invasion. In the same treaty that Germany signed, the UK promised to defend Belgium if attacked. There is also the semi-alliance Britain was in with France and Russia, who had joined the war.

How did soldiers enroll in World War 1?

they used a lottery system, they would give men a number then pick numbers out of a bowl kind-of like the hunger games if you would say so