World War 2

Were there any Irish involved in World War 2?


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Officially Ireland was neutral during World War 2 but many Irish people fought on the side of the Allies.

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Through much of its history, Ireland has been involved in conflicts with the British in order to get their independence. Ireland has also had invasions from the vikings. Ireland is a neutral country, so it is not involved in any conflicts now and was not involved in World War II. It was not directly involved in World War I, but it was under British rule at that time, and the British were involved. In both World Wars many Irish men joined the British Army and fought in the wars, many losing their lives. As a neutral nation Ireland is not in any military alliances, such as NATO, and it has a strong record in peacekeeping activities. There is an Irish army, but it is not very large. Some of its personnel go on peacekeeping duties to other parts of the world.

Canada did not have any obligation to be involved in World War 1. Canada had no personal grievances against any of the powers involved.

The Finnish civil war of 1918 and the second world war.

Nothing, they were never involved in any allies' that were at war.

Neither France, nor the US had any desire to get involved in the war.

Ireland was a neutral country in World War 2. So it was not directly involved in the war and did not invade any countries.

Canada has been in several wars:The War of 1812The Boer WarThe First World WarThe Second World WarThe Korean WarThe present war in Afghanistan

No: He was president of the USA, but was not involved in any fighting.

Iowa was involved in the Civil War. The Civil war was a major war.

Ireland is a neutral country and has not been officially involved in any wars. Irish citizens have joined other armies and fought in wars in different countries. There have also been wars in Ireland, most notably the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War, both in the early 20th century.

Some of them include: • The American Revolution • World War 1 • World War 2 • The Korean War • The early stages of the Vietnam War • French and Indian War

Yes, the noun 'war' (any war including World War 2) is an abstract noun, a word for a concept.Any person, or place, or thing involved in a war is not the war itself, the war is the state of hostility between two parties.

why shouldn't the USA get involved into any more wars after WWI?

He was involved in the Civil War.

I don't think there were any, but I could be wrong.

Technically, any city located in any country that was a part of World War I was involved in World War I. Some major cities would include London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Moscow, Athens, Rome, Lisbon, and Brussels.

I wonder if you are confusing World War 2 with the Holocaust (which happened during World War 2). Neither the US nor any of its Allies was directly "involved" with the Holocaust.

I wouldn't call any war "great" but WWII is the largest war in history in terms of of area of the world affected and people involved, and the worst in terms of the number of casualties.

If you mean Australia it wasn't involved in WWI....or any of the WW's actually

The Republic of Ireland has not officially been involved in any wars. However, their troops have faced combat situations during peacekeeping operations, such as the Congo Crisis. Otherwise, the Republic of Ireland has remained neutral. Irish volunteers did fight in the Boer Wars (both for the Boers and for the British), the First World War (all of Ireland was still a British territory at this time, and they served as members of the Royal Armed Forces), and the Spanish Civil War (with units composed of Irish personnel serving on both the Nationalist and Republican sides), but the only war an independent Irish government has been involved in was the Irish Civil War, during which time Ireland was independent - but not a Republic, as it is currently, but rather, a Free State of the British Commonwealth.

All iknow is that Hitler took it over in 1939! any one else got any info?

no it woman were considered a lower group or lower than men they had no rights then


The Hundred Years' War involved primarily France and England, and while eventually a significant portion of Europe became involved as well, it was hardly a "world" war. I don't think any non-European nations were involved at all (and certainly no Western Hemisphere nations, because it happened before Europeans were even aware there was a Western Hemisphere).

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