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The word deacon is never used in that chapter that I can find. I have always been taught that they were deacons, but now I wonder that maybe they were elders or presbyters. The word deacon is never used in that chapter that I can find. I have always been taught that they were deacons, but now I wonder that maybe they were elders or presbyters.

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Are bylaws written by the pastor only?

I'm Baptist. In our church, deacons write the bylaws along with the pastor. If for some reason the pastor disagrees then they have a discussion over the matter. then the church as a whole can vote on it in a business meeting. In an independent baptist church the pastor can override any or all deacons if he believes it is following God's will for the church. In a southern baptist church the pastor pretty much has no say over the deacons. He can however put in a "vote" to have deacons removed if he believes they are not follwing the will of God. Bylaws do not change often because they are a huge hassle and it does not really need to be changed often because it should be really close to the Word of God.

Is there any time that deacons in a church can make decisions without bringing to the congregation?

In a Baptist church, the main duty of leadership falls to the pastor/preacher, who is expected to lead his church according to the Bible. He is free to appoint deacons (or have them elected, etc.) and other leadership roles as he sees fit. Some pastors prefer alot of help; some prefer very little. Any and all authority that the deacons have is determined by the pastor.

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Do pastors have any authority over the church's finances?

A church has a constitution and states how the moneys of the church will be used. Usually the deacons have the say over who handles the finances of the church. Many deacons have the say over the committees and have a nominating committee that puts to the church a group of people known as the finance committee. These people are elected by vote. The finance committee is the one that usually makes the budget and controls the money.

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What is the relationship of the deacon to the pastor?

The Deacon is usually the right hand of the pastor. In the absence of the pastor the chairman of the Deacon Board or ministry is in charge. If the church is for any reason without a pastor the deacon(s) are in charge. That is spiritually, financially, and will give counsel when necessary. In many traditional baptist churches the deacons pretty much run everything, this often includes the Pastor, as he answers to the Deacons. The deacons in the baptist church are the only other ordained ministry other than the pastor. Therefore the relation of the Deacons and Pastor are usually very close.

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