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Were there food shortages during World War 2?

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Yes in some countries

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Q: Were there food shortages during World War 2?
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Did the home front during World war 2 have food shortages?


How were war time inflation and food shortages kept in check during World War 2?

War rationing

What was an extra source of food during shortages caused by World War 1?


What was happening in the Republic of Ireland during World War 2?

The Republic of Ireland was neutral during World War 2. However, they were still affected by food shortages, particularly imported food.

Was there food shortages in World War 1?

yes there was.

What was childhood like during World War 1?

Childhood was likely difficult in most parts of the world during World War 1. There were food shortages, and many males were absent from the home and serving the war.

Why was there food shortages in world war 2?

Because of money

What measure did the british take to deal with food shortage after war?

The British used rationing to deal with the food shortages during and after wars. During both World War I and World War II, Germans targeted ships taking food to Britain, intentionally trying to starve them.

When Russian Revolution in February 1917 was caused at least in part by which factor?

Food shortages and heavy casualties during World War I

Why did citizens of the south suffer food shortages during the civil war?

Citizens of the south suffered food shortages during the civil war because of the difficulties of planting, and harvesting crops. Many of those who normally did these jobs were away fighting the war. Fields were neglected, and this led to the food shortage.

Why were German people starving at the beginning of world war?

They didnt have the access to food which led to food shortages

What were the living conditions of the south during the civil war?

Increasing shortages of food, fuel, etc.

Was food rationed in World War 1?

During World War I, food was rationed to prevent food shortages and hoarding of food. Foods that were rationed were sugar, meat, butter, cheese and margarine. Ration cards were issued and people had to register with their butcher and grocer to purchase these foods.

What are the shortages of second world war?

coffee sugar and gasoline were been shortages in the second world war.

What caused the March 1917 revolution in Russia?

really it was beacause of the disasters on the world war I battlefields but,also food shortages, and fuel shortages

How did women deal with shortages during World War 2?

Found another man.

What did the federal government due when shortages occurred during World War 2?


What shortages were there in world war 2?

There was shortages of foods and clothes.

Why did people save rations during World War 2?

So there would be more food to go around as there were shortages due to food not being able to be transported to different countries.

What type of shortages did the south experience during the civil war?

Money, Food, Ammunition, Gunpowder, soldiers.

What was created in 1941 in an effort to avoid wartime shortages during world war 2?


How severe was World War I rationing?

In Germany and Austria there were severe food shortages in the final stages of World War 1, and many people died of starvation.

Why did the girlscouts stop selling cookies during world war 2?

The ingredients in the cookies were rationed and they could not make the cookies when the ingredients were needed for the troop and for England who had serious food shortages.

Who enacted price controls to help deal with shortages during World War 2?

Herbert Hoover, in 1492

Was there a food shortage in World War 1?

Both Germany and Britain tried to starve each other. Food shortages in Germany became severe towards the end of the war.