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Were to get a shiny evee on Pokemon Platinum?

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You cant get a shiny eevee on Pokemon platinum unless you have some sort of cheets.

NOT TRUE... get a shiny eevee if its the swarm of the day and then just chain them..

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How do you get a jolteon on Pokemon Platinum?

i have Pokemon soul-silver and i evolved my evee using a thunderstone

How do you turn a Pokemon shiny in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot make them turn shiny, they are born shiny, and therefore you must catch them as shiny Pokemon.

Where can you find evee in Pokemon platinum?

Bebe will give it to you Bebe is in Hearthome

Who evolves with a shiny stone?

2 different Pokemon evolve through shiny stone evee (spelled it wrong) and any other shiny Pokemon put2 and2 togather here people! shiny Pokemon evolve from shiny stone every Pokemon exept ledgends

How do you make Pokemon shiny in platinum?

Use the method of shiny chaining.

How do you deactivate te shiny Pokemon code in Pokemon platinum?

On Action Replay press disable Shiny Pokemon.

Is it true that it is easier to hatch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Yes. Apparently it is easier to hatch shiny Pokemon from an egg in Platinum if it's parents are from another country.

Is there Pokemon platinum shiny modifier code?

Shiny encounter action replay code for platinum: 12075E52 000046C0.

How do you catch a shiny Pokemon easy?

get Pokemon platinum and fill the pokedex and then get the Pokemon radar, a tool which lets you get shiny Pokemon faster

Where can you get a shiny Pokemon in platinum?

The only way to get a shiny Pokemon is by a random encounter or by trading with another player.

What is the code for shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

in action replay ds select wild pokemons are shiny.

How do you get a shiny stone in Pokemon platinum?

There is a shiny stone at the end of Iron Island.

How do you get a shiny Deoxys in Pokemon platinum?

There are a few ways that you could get a shiny Deoxys in Pokemon Platinum. One way would be to get someone who has hacked one to trade.

What Pokemon evolve using a thunder stone in platinum?

evee and pickachu into jolteon and raichu

Where to find shiny eevee in Pokemon Vortex?

The grass maps show shiny evee from time to time PS - message me my username is jessekwesi

What is the shiny cheat in Pokemon Platinum?

The shiny cheat is a cheat that makes every wild Pokemon shiny yay cheats ^.^ yeah it really works all my Pokemon are shiny too!

Can you get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

Yes, it is possible to get shiny Pokemon in either Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold or Soulsilver. To get Shiny Pokemon, you must use the PokeRadar and defeat all the kinds of Pokemon. Then, move to a different area and battle (and capture) wild Pokemon there. Eventually, you'll come across a shiny Pokemon that you've recently captured.

How do you get the evolved evvee on Pokemon Platinum?

go to hearthrome Pokemon centre and next door is bebe she gives evee

Pokemon Platinum is shiny Pokemon are stronger?

no, shiny Pokemon have the exact same stats as normal one's they are just a different colour

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