Were would be a African wild dogs home?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Were would be a African wild dogs home?
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What is the African wild dogs climate?

what is african wild dogs climate is

What are impalas predotors?

lions, hyenas, African wild dogs, African hunting dogs, African wild dogs, leopards and cheetahs

How can you help African wild dogs?

Donate to any conservation group that helps African Wild Dogs.

Can you train African wild dogs?

you cannot train African wild dogs because they are wild and free animals and they should stay that way.

Is a African wild dog a reptile?

is the African wild dogs a reptile if not what is it:-O

What does the African wild ass eat?

The African wild ass eats thorn bushes, and other tough plants that other animals would not eat.

What is a group of african wild dogs called?

African wild dogs are very alike normal dogs just that they are from a different country, they are referred to as a pack.

Does the African wild dogs migrate?


What climate does the African wild dogs adapt to?

what climate is it where Afican wild dogs live

Are there many dogs living in the wild?

Yes there are many wild dogs living in the wild for example the African wild dog

How many African wild dog are left in the world?

There are 2,100 African Wild Dogs left.

African wild dog population since 1900?

how many african wild dogs were their in 1900