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Battle of the Wilderness

Whaqt caused the battle of the wilderness?


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Lee's decision to force Grant into fighting in deep forest, where the Union army would not be able to take advantage of its superior artillery.

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the battle of the wilderness was undecisive, or there was no winner.

The battle of Wilderness led to the battle of Spotsylvania.

It was in the wilderness near Spotsillevania, VA

2,246 union soldiers were killed in the battle of wilderness

Todd's Tavern was a cavalry fight on May 4, 1864 and was one battle of the entire Battle in the Wilderness.

The year the Wilderness battles occurred was 1864.

Parts of the battle were fought during a raging forrest fire caused by the cannon and rifle fire ignighting the dry underbrush.

Although the battlefield was roughly the same, the Battle of Wilderness Tavern or The Wilderness was fought one year later than that of Chancellorsville, from May 3rd to May 6th, 1864.

The Battle of the Wilderness occured on May 5-7, 1864. Therefore it lasted 2 days.

The Battle of the Wilderness

grant won the battle, the union army

The Battle of the Wilderness was fought in Virginia, about 20 kilometers west from Fredericksburg, as the crow flies, near Chancellorsville.

This battle was caused by the Campian of Chickamauga.

Lee defeated Gen. Hooker at the battle of the Wilderness.

In North en Virginia Spotsylvania county

The bombing of Fort Sumter caused the battle!

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