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Q: What's Carly Rae jepsens favourite color?
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What is Carly Rae jepsens favorite color?

carly rae jepsens favorite color is green and pink

What is Carly Patterson's favorite color?

her favourite color is green

What to say to a boy to get him in the mood for kissing?

say" what is your favourite number? (just say it was ten) whats your favourite animal? (pretend it was a tiger) whats your favourite body part? (pretend it was legs) whats your favourite color? (say it was green)then your favourite thing is a green tiger with ten legs! my favourite this is (your one) (pause and use a different tone) or maybe my favourite thing, is you. then you look into his eyes and kiss him. vwala!!(you don't say that part)

Whats Miley Cyrus's favorite color?

Miley Cyrus' favourite colour is Purple. Not Pink.

What is Philip Pullman's favourite color?

his favourite color is red

Whats markus naslunds favourite color?

It's green, alighter green and a navy. Those aren't the canucks colours if that's what your thinikng

Whats Nick Jonas his favorite color?

nick Jonas favourite colour is: blue! =-) i hope you enjoy it!

What is Dolly Parton's favourite color?

Her favourite color is pink.

What is Taylor Lautner's favourite color?

his favourite color is baby blue.

Whats bindi irwins favorite color?

bindi irwins favourite colour is well why waste my time ask him or her yourself?

What is Carly's favorite color from iCarly?


What is Carly Lloyd's favorite color?


What is Zayn Malik's favourite color?

Zayn's favourite colour is red.

What was Jesus's favourite color?

Every color

What is Ringo Starr's favourite color?

His favourite colour is red.

What is Carly Rae Jepsen's favorite color?

purple :):)

What is Carly rea jepson favorite color?


Whats the color wires for the blinker an brake lights?

whats the color circuit for the blinkers an break lights?

Whats the color of a newt?

The color varies

What is the color of your slippers?

whats the color of my dress?

What is CS Lewis' favorite color?

CS Lewis' favourite color was of course...... GREEN! who doesn't like the color green?!

What is Kevin Jonas favourite color?

Kevin's favourite colour is green.

What is George Sampson's favourite color?

George's favourite colour is blue.

What is David Tenants favourite color?

His favourite colours are red and blue.

What is Emma watson's favourite color?

Her favourite colour is light blue.