What's the origin of the Polynesian people?

This topic is somewhat contentious with archaeologists working in the Pacific. The current theory suggests that Polynesia was colonised by an expansion of the Lapita people from islands in east Melanesia. It was first thought that they made have been colonised from Micronesia but this now seems unlikely.

Polynesian oral history refers to Kahikiku as a place of origin. Kahikiku is regarded as a direction rather than a place, which is east. Hawai'i is the most remote island group in the world which would require extended considerations of key questions such as; did the early Polynesians possess the technology, skill and knowledge to build large sea-worthy crafts and navigate over 2,300 miles of open sea. Beyond that, how did they know or learn that there was land (islands) that distant. Answer these questions and you will discover the origin(s) of the Polynesians.