What’s a good similie for hazel eyes?

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Q: What’s a good similie for hazel eyes?
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Related questions

What looks good on girls with hazel colored eyes?

Well, I have hazel eyes, and I think I look best in blue. Green also works.

What would be a good metaphor or simile to hazel eyes?

His eyes were a tranquil green pool, flecked with brown and gold in the sunlight (metaphor) or Her eyes were hazel like emeralds burried in dirty (simile)

What colour eye shadow or shadows go well with hazel eyes?

Pink and gold shimmery tints look really good with Hazel Eyes. Blue tints look good on every eye color.

What color hair does hazel eyes look good with?

brown or ginger i reckon :)

What colour looks good with hazel eyes and blonde hair?

I have blond hair and hazel eyes and you NEVER want to wear pastels. Darker colors like navy and black look good. I love wearing coral!

Hazel eyes pop out what color of clothing or jewelry can i wear to make my hazel eyes shine or look green thank you for your help.?

my eyes are hazel, and i have the same problem. i find wearing green makes my eyes look more green. but it does work differently for different people. i say just experiment. good luck!

What would be a good metaphor for hazel eyes?

His eyes were a tranquil green pool, flecked with brown and gold in the sunlight

What eyeshadow suits hazel eyes and ginger hair?

Good eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes are definitely a lighter pink color or a brown color those colors match well with hazel eyes , I know that the makeup company named ELISE has eyeshadow made and it suites hazel eyes, here is a link to see the ELISE product, the colors you will see are good colors also if you want an idea of what color is good So here is the link :

What makeup and hair styles look good on people with hazel green eyes thick brown hair and freckles?

Purple eyeshadows are good for hazel eyes. Appropriate hairstyles are based on face shape and hair texture, and not hair color.

What colors go good with hazel eyes?

Browns and yellows. Also if you have blonde hair it looks really good.

What colour eyes look good with dark brown hair and light tan?


What are some good makeup combinations if you have blond hair down to your shoulders and hazel eyes?

Use a pastel purple shadow to bring out your eyes. Since you have hazel eyes, the purple will make them pop! Pair with a soft pink lipstick and black liner. Find the makeup that matches your skin tone the best and you are ready to go! Some good tones for hazel eyes": Purple, greenish, light grey, irridescent brown...and a soft tan.

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