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What's dissolved oxygen?

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Oxygen is transparent.

The amount of solute that is dissolved in a solvent

Plain old water, plus some dissolved gases

Food and water. PS, We don't make energy of oxygen, we make energy of whats in oxygen...

2 Hydrogens and 1 oxygen.

oxygen is a non metal element. Atomic mass of it is 15.99.

2:1 is the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen atoms.

whats the rusults from an insufficient amount of oxygen entering the body?

Anoxia means "no oxygen", or suffocation. A related word, "hypoxia", refers to "not enough oxygen".

Minerals that contain silicon and oxygen

It is a chemical compound of nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen.

o2??Is that what ur looking for?? x

They put oxygen into the blood.

The freezing point of oxygen gas very cold and is -219 °C, -362 °F.

Aerobic uses oxygen and anaerobic doesnt

There are three. Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Magnesium oxide, MgO (base). It is a form of rust.

Oxygen is attached to the red blood cells using whats called Hemoglobin, and the cells float in plasma through the body.

5 times the atomic mass of oxygen. 5 mol * 15.9994 g/ mol equals about 80 grams.

Water also known as H2O Contains 1 hydrogen atom and 2 oxygen atoms

yes it is, but it isn't at the sametime, it is whats called paramagnetic. This means it is only magnetic when inside a magnetic field.

the flame of a candle is a reaction of oxygen with carbon to form carbon(iv)oxide and vapour

Anaerobic respiration is an energy process that occurs in mostly one-celled bacteria called prokaryotes. They have no nucleus nor mitochondria and don't require oxygen to live.

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