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What's the best way to study the Bible?


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October 13, 2007 7:08AM

There are numerous methods and it is best to simply have a look at a few different ones and find one that suits you. They cater for a wide variety of people both in terms of age and also in relation to their maturity as Christians. It depends if someone is a new or older Christian. A simple method would be best for a new Christian, as it would cover the basics of the Christian faith or, if these are already familiar, something a little 'deeper'. You may also wish to change methods over time.

The important thing is to begin. If you are in a church, many have their own bookstores and will undoubtedly have something, or a Christian bookshop will as well. Many study Bibles also have suggested Bible study methods in them.

The best way ultimately is the way that leads to personal growth in both faith and in deeper understanding. If you find you are not gaining in either through whatever method you try, then ditch it and get another.

The simplest method to start with would simply be to get a blank notebook and read the Bible and note down anything that you find interesting or helpful that you don't understand and mark it 'for further inquiry'. You could also have a list of good verses that you may wish to learn. As a further refinement on this you could create sections where you list subjects of interest to you, or list subjects that the Bible speaks about and list verses under these sections. Thus you would initially be making up your own Bible resource until you find something better.

A good study Bible, such as the Thompson's Chain reference or the Defenders Study Bible will have other things such as explanatory notes, maps and/or archaeological details of interest. They will also have other Bible verses which will give further light on the passage you are reading.

The important thing is to begin, probably at the Gospel of John, then Acts, the Psalms also have many excellent passages. == == If you want to study as a follower, follow the advise given above. But if you want to study the Bible from a skeptic's point of view , may I suggest "The Bible for Learners" by Dr. H. Oort, Dr. I. Hooykaas, & Dr. A. Kuenen. Also see the "Skeptic's Annotated Bible" Web Link on the left. In the latter, click the book you wish to study; i.e. Matthews, Genesis, etc. Select the categories (Good Stuff, Contradictions, Science, etc.). See also the"Christian Responses" at the Bottom of sub-links. === === See the Web Links for "Easy English Bible Studies" and "Solid Roots Bible Study from Never Thirsty" to the left for the answers.