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religion in ancient civilization could be accurate but if there was a way to find out more people would have tried a long time ago.

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Q: What about religion in ancient civilization is accurate?
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What civilization recognized Zoroastrianism as a religion?

ancient Persians

Ancient Greek culture laid the foundatio for Western civilization in what?


how did the religion impact daily life in the ancient maya civilization?

no body

What are the ancient Greeks remembered for?

Creating civilization, democracy, religion as a practice study

Which ancient civilization was known for creating an accurate 365 day calendar?


How did Hinduism's religion begin?

By Indus people in Indus civilization during Ancient period.

How did religion and learning play important roles in ancient Egypt civilization?

Religion was a ordained by the current pharaoh and was incorporated in every aspect of life. There is no ancient egyptian word for religion. Education was for the wealthy and privileged.

What shaped ancient Egyptian life?

Ancient Egyptian life was shaped their religion, their monarchs and the Nile River. Their ancient civilization spanned thousands of years.

What was ancient Greece's impact on western civilization?

Language, religion, architecture, art, artistry, philosophy.

Ancient greek culture laid the foundation for Western civilization in all of the areas except?


What did the Harappans borrow from other religion?

Harappan civilization is more ancient than the Aryan civilization. Definitely they would have practiced a different religion than the vedic Hindu religion. It is similar to the Sumerian civilization. One cannot find out the religion practised by them as no texts are available. Any speculation can only be a guess.

An organized system of government religion and culture?

In ancient days religion had played the role of government. Government is the modified form of religion due to transition in civilization.

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