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sea knoll


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Many, they are called volcanic undersea mounts.

Large waves caused by undersea earthquakes or volcanic eruptions are called a tsunami. These waves often cause mass destruction because they come so unexpectedly.

Atoll. Atolls are oceanic reef formation, often having a characteristic ring-like shape surrounding a lagoon. Atolls are formed when coral reef grows around a volcanic island that later subsides into the ocean.

Its called the ring of fire because of all the volcanic activity surrounding the Pacific Ocean

A volcanic eruption underwater is called a submarine volcanic eruption. By contrast, a volcanic eruption on land is called a subaerial eruption.

They are called convergent boundaries and they come together with such force that they shoot up to make it.

the formation is called desertification)

The dolphin needs to be in Atlantica. If not, something's wrong. The dolphin is in Undersea Valley I believe it's called, and the Undersea Gorge.

Rock that is cooled and solidified above ground is called extrusive. Refers to the mode of igneous volcanic rock formation in which hot magma from inside the Earth.

A volcanic mountain made up of volcanic ash, cinders, and bombs is called a Cinder Cone Volcano.

A volcanic mountain made up of volcanic ash, cinders, and bombs is called a Cinder Cone Volcano.

the process of the formation of soil is called?

Large volcanic rock particles are called blocks and bombs.

A volcanic hole is called a 'chimney ' while it emits lave and a 'caldera' when it solidifies.

Generally they are just called volcanic islands or volcanic archipelagos.

Volcanoes - It is called a hot spot and as the earths crust moves over the spot, volcanoes form and in this case, created the chain of islands.They formed from a hot spot in earths crustThe Hawiian Islands are the tops of huge undersea volcanoes.The way the islands have formed, although far away from any fault, the area is a volcanic hot-spot. Back a couple million years, the crust beneath was thinning and rising. A series of undersea volcanic eruptions force volcanic material upwards, making the islands. The thinning of the crust, literally, moves southward to make other islands.It has to do wih tectonic plates

The Philippines are not called the Ring of Fire, they are part of a formation called the Ring of Fire. This is an areas surrounding the Pacific Ocean that has a high concentration of volcanoes and earthquake activity. The volcanoes give this area its name.

The process of an egg formation is called ogenesis.

Most tsunamis originate along what is called the 'Ring of Fire' that encircles the Pacific Ocean. The most frequent cause of tsunamis is an undersea earthquake. Tsunamis can be started by an earthquake, landslide, or volcanic eruption under the ocean floor.

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