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What are CNN ratings?

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The same as the Jerry Springer Show... Ratings, Ratings, Ratings !

CNN has more viewers, but Fox has higher ratings.

It won't help. Griffin was the most credible newscaster on CNN. Her departure can't help their ratings. Rumor is she will join either MSNBC or CBS. Watch the ratings of which ever network she joins rise.

Not exactly. It was a mutual decision-- her program was getting very low ratings, and CNN wanted to try something else in that time slot, so she left the network in 2010.

Cable News Network (CNN), Headline News (HLN, a spin off channel of CNN), Microsoft National Broadcasting Company (MSNBC), and sometimes Fox News. The Fox News channel is often focus of the conservative community, so their ratings are from people who have conservative views.

The last time I was there it was called CNN, UK and there wasn't the US CNN. You could log in on line to US CNN site.

CNN Newsroom - 1989 CNN Newsroom was released on: USA: 28 January 2012

which country does cnn belong to

CNN on comcast is on channel 25

cnn have no newspaper.u have to watch t.v for it

CNN is owned by Time Warner.

what are the names of the cnn anouncers

CNN is available in all countries hence the name, "CNN International."

No, not at all. Mr. Beck had excellent ratings when he worked for CNN Headline News, but his approach was more suitable to a network like Fox. And that is why he left, of his own volition, to go to work for Fox News, where he was a much better fit.

Ted Turner created CNN in 1980.

CNN stands for Cable News Network

Cnn was started in 1980 by Ted Turner.

Cnn is more neutral and ndependent

what is the address for cnn news in atlanta

CNN International was created in 1984.

CNN launched in 1980 by Ted Turner

CNN Expansion was created in 1966.

CNN Chile was created in 2008.

CNN Türk was created in 1999.

CNN NewsStand was created in 1997.