What are the factors to be considered while printing any book?

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Q: What are the factors to be considered while printing any book?
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Is a book considered matter?

Yes it is. However though the printing ink is matter also, the intellectual content of the book is not matter

What was the first book printed in the new printing press?

The first book printed in the new printing press was the Bible.

which scenario best illustrates a violation of substantive due process?

a new law fines book publishers for printing content that is considered unpatrioticΒ 

Why is the book of Jude considered the shortest book in the bible?

It isn't. The shortest is 2 John Book. It has 13 verses while the Jude Book has 25.

What has the author Ruari McLean written?

Ruari. McLean has written: 'The Thames and Hudson manual of typography' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, Printing 'True to type' -- subject(s): 20th century, Biography, Book designers, Graphic design (Typography), Great Britain, History, Typographers 'Victorian book design and colour printing' -- subject(s): Book design, Color printing, Color-printing, History, Printing 'George Cruikshank, his life and work as a book illustrator' 'Modern book design' -- subject(s): Book design, History, Imprints, Printing

Should you have printing book or nook?


What is the difference between publication and printing?

Publishing is the agreement to print, printing is the making of the book itself

When will Aprilynne Pikes next book come out?

"Spells" will in stores around the end of May. She is alwready finished with it but publishing, and printing can somtimes take a while.

What was the first book that was made by printing press?


What is printing error noted in a book called?


What are some companies that provide book printing services?

There are many places on the internet you can contact for book printing services. Some of them are bookmasters, printindustryquote, and ecprinting to name a few.

How long has the printing press been around?

The movable-type printing press was invented by Johann Gutenberg in 1440. The first book that was published on his printing was a Bible.

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