What are the key features of chat platforms?

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Q: What are the key features of chat platforms?
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What are the key features of social networking sites?

The important features are Chat, games, friend finder, and groups

What makes Kampung chat stand out from the other chat rooms?

What makes Kampung chat stand out from other chat is the variety and features. This site offers awesome features to chat with that other leading sites don't.

What are some of the features of Skyrock Chat?

Some of the features of the Skyrock Chat are that one can chat with others privately using their webcam. One can also use an English channel of Skyrock.

What features does Gmail IM have?

The Gmail IM program has many different features. Popular features include text chat, video chat, and audio chat. As with other Google projects, Gmail IM is always being improved.

How do you chat while playing minecraft?

The deafult key to open the chat is T.

Are there chat features on Gmail?

Absolutly! It is required though to have a free gmail account. the people you chat with also must have free gmail accounts. there is also a ton of new features to use such as group chat and emotions.

What are the key features?

key features are from countries and lots more like what is important to them

What are the Key features of mushrooms and toadstools?

key features are lora chuth sucking,etc

How do you open chat in Warcraft 3?

The return key.

What are the important features on a social networking site?

The features are chat, games, friend finder and your own wall.

What features does the My Web app offer?

There are many features offered by the 'MyWeb' app. The most notable feature is the animated chat feature that allows individuals to chat in a whole new way.

What has the author Ted Key written?

Ted Key has written: 'Le Chat qui vient de l'espace' 'Le Chat qui vient de l'espace'