What books should i read as a begginer?

Hi i am new to reading books like i havenn`t read any books yet and i don`t know any books name i should read any type of books fantasy comedy drama any books you read in your childhod

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Q: What books should i read as a begginer?
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Why should people read?


Why should people read books?

Because books are amazing?

Why should children read books?

You should always read books because it is very helpful when you are older. Sometimes you can learn new words and interesting facts when you do read. There are people in my class who don't read books and they do not do as well in English class than they should be doing.

Why should there be more books in the library?

THe people who don't like the books in the library won't read and then,they will hate books that's why there should be more books.

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yes they should because five of my daughters friends read those books

How many books should a twelve year old read in a month?

I think any 12 year old should read about 4-6 books in a month I agree. am twelve and I read 6 books a week.(400-500 pages) I think you should read the Percy Jackson series. I think you should also read the harry potters and twilight

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Read books or watch Video

What type of books should kids read?

When considering the type of books a child should read, you should consider books written for the child's age group, as well as keeping the child's reading and learning levels in mind.

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Saving books is important and people should be able to be independent and read books if they want. People shouldn't be told to not read and obtain useful information. If people want to learn from books, then they should have the freedom to.

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google-"read ted dekker books online" at the bottom of the page you should see "Book results for read ted dekker books online"

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I think that the sentence should read, Laura and I have read many books during our summer vacation. Not your summer vacation. Read your own books.

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