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Q: What causes steel wool to increase in mass while being burned?
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What were the four causes of american industrial growth after the civil war?

Causes of industrial growth after the Civil War were an increase in the steel industry and the growth of railroads.

Why does steel wool gain weight when burned?

When the iron in the steel wool is combined with the oxygen in the air it makes iron oxides. The weight of the oxygen that is combined with those oxides is what causes it to weigh more

How long can steel metal burn?

Steel is melted or vaporized, not burned.

What is the best way to clean burned food from stainless steel pots?

There are plenty of ways in order to clean burned food from stainless steel pots. However, one of the best ways to clean burned food from stainless steel pots is cooking cider vinegar to dissolve the crusty crap.

What color is burning steel wool?

The steel wool turns blue after burned. The mass also increases.

What happens when steel wool is burned?

the wool is turned into a gas

What is given off when the steel wool is burned?

Carbon Dioxide Gas

Does heat treatment increase the carbon content in carbon steel?

it increase

Because of the bessemer process the steel industry was able to?

increase steel production

Does the mass of a steel tube increase when it is heated from 30 degrees to 60 degrees?

When steel (or indeed anything) is heated its mass does not change. Volume is altered by cooling and heating. In this case the volume of the steel would increase.

How did the Bessemer steel process lead to an increase in steel output?

It made it possible to make steel better, cheaper and faster.

Why did cold steel discontinue the bowie machete?

The Chinese factory were they were made burned down.

What does steel wool turn into after its burned?

The burning of steel wool gives off iron oxide. It forms both FeO and Fe2O3 through the combination of iron and oxygen.

How do you increase hardness of mild steel?

By hardening then cooling

What happens to the supply and demand curve if new technology reduces the production cost of raw steel?

The demand curve will remain unchanged. The supply curve will increase due manufacturers being able to produce more raw steel for the same price. As a result, demand for raw steel will decrease, therefore the price level decreases.

When the temperature of a gas increases does the volume of the gas increase in a rigid steel container?

No, because the gas is in a rigid steel container, its volume cannot increase as the temperature increases (assuming the steel does not deform). Instead, the pressure of the gas inside the container will increase. Of course, if the pressure is high enough, the container will explode, lowering the pressure and causing the gas to expand.

Why does the solubility of carbon in steel increase while heating?

Steel is mainly Iron with small amount of Nickel or/and chromium, carbon content of steel is about 2.5%. The increase in temperature increases the distance among the Iron atoms so carbon become accommodated easily in material.

Carbon is added to steel to increase its hardness?

Yes a little bit of carbon can makes a much difference in the properties of steel.

What metallic element is addded to steel to increase its strength?


Metallic element added to steel to increase strength?


What metallic element is added to steel to increase its strength?


The reaper and the steel plow contributed to an increase in?

agriculture production

How do you make high tensile steel?

increase carbon and manganese

How does iron ore turn into steel?

To make Steel, Iron Ore is refinedinto iron and all the carbon is burned away using veryhigh heat (Bessemer). A percentage of Carbon (and other trace elements) are added back to make steel.

What happens when heated steal wool is lower into sulfur vapour?

The steel wool will burned and turned in black substance.