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What channel number is CNN on directv?

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What channel on directv is primeeval on

On DirecTV, TNT is channel number 245.

The CW is channel 19 on DirecTV.

On DirecTV, Mundofox is channel 41.

CNN on comcast is on channel 25

channel 26 on directv. that is the CW network.

The Disney Channels are 290 and 291 on DirecTV.

One can find DirecTV Channel listing on the website directv dot com on the tab guide. There you will find the complete guide for DirecTV, the channel listings, and what is playing.

The channel number depends on what cable or satellite television provider you have. If you have DirecTV | Disney Channel is on channel 290.

The channel number of the Sportsman Channel depends on where you live and who your cable/satellite provider is. On DirecTV it's channel 605 nation-wide.

SWRV is only available on Cox Cable

Channel 8 on directv :)

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) is channel 279 on DirecTV.

WGN America HD / SD is located on DirecTV channel 307.

Bandamax is not on DirecTV. Bandamax is on channel 867 on Dish Network and channel 3146 on AT&T U-Verse TV.

I don't think directv carries it. :-(

The History channel is channel 269 on DirecTV.

i believe it is on channel 207 for directv

Lifetime on DirecTv is channel 252.

what channel is wgn on directv

i don't think they show it on directv i also have been wondering cause i have directv