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Trade between Europeans and Indians, however, was not of equal benefit to both cultures.

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Q: What culture has both African and European heritage?
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What are the similarities between the African American culture an Native American culture?

The main similarity between African American culture and Native American culture is that both of these have had long and painful struggles with the dominant European American culture.

Is Nigeria part of the African culture Or is it part of the African-American culture?

Nigeria is a country in Africa and therefore part of both the African and African-American cultures (since it is likely that some African-Americans draw heritage from Nigeria, and many Africans actually live there.)

How have historical factors influenced the development of Caribbean culture?

As the first developed part of the Americas, Caribbean culture has had many influences including its original, indigenous people. In addition, the European settlers who added both culture and language to the islands. The culture was also influenced by the neighboring United States. The culture mixes English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese and African cultures to form a multi-lingual/multi-cultural heritage.

What is the culture like in South Africa?

South Africa is a complicated country. Its culture is affected both by a number of different black African ethnicities and the influence of two seperate (and at one time hostile) sets of European colonists.

What is an accurate take on the creation of African American culture?

An accurate take on the creation of African American culture is both distinct and enormously influential to American culture as a whole. African American culture is rooted in Africa and has a blend of cultures.

Allusions found in poem Heritage by Cullen?

Quickly going over "Heritage" by Countee Cullen The poem is an acknowledgment of his African roots. -haunted by the past (leaving it behind and looking to the future) "What is Africa to me?"- restlessness associated with the narrator -shows his ambivalence (torn between African roots and American culture) Intrusion of Western culture-"what is last year's snow to me?" -unless he wants to perish, he has to set aside his pride "They and I"- 'I' being the mediation (Western world and Africa) -both are civilized in a sense

What is the author's style in the poisonwood bible?

The novel is written in an epistolary style with multiple narration. Although the author does not emphasize her American Indian heritage in this or her other books, many characteristics of both African and American Indian culture are apparent; for example, both believe that the human spirit exists in other forms both before and after death. Both traditions also see the spiritual and physical universes as co-existent and interdependent. This is contrary to European tradition in which the spiritual element of life is kept apart from the physical.

What is a major similarity between the African Union and the European Union?

both operate on a regional level

What is true about the slave population in Chesapeake colonies?

they created a culture with both english and african traditions

Is the Mediterranean sea part of Europe?

It serves both the European continent and the African continent

Where would you predominantly find people of mixed African and European descent in Latin America?

Both the Caribbean and eastern Brazil would be the places where people of African and European descent are found in Latin America.

What is a major similarity between African union and the European union?

both operate on a regional level

What is major similarity between the African Union and the European Union?

both operate on a regional level

Which of these is true about the slave population is Chesapeake colonies?

They created a culture with both English and African traditions.

What was true about the slave population in Chesapeake colonies?

They created a culture with both English and African traditions.

What is true about slave population in Chesapeake colonies?

they created a culture with both english and african traditions

How are native Americans culture and African culture before European contact the same?

Both cultures focus strongly on the tribe, as opposed to large organized civilization. The tribe is seen as the extended family, and both cultures have a similar hierarchy and chain of command. The division of labor and structure of the tribe is also very similar. Both cultures have similar religious practices. They both worshiped nature, and believed in multiple gods. Many of the gods, worshiped in native American cultures, stem from the animals they hunted or they saw as having powerful traits. African religions tend to have gods that are in human form.

What is Barack Obama's Race?

His father was black and a native of Kenya. His mother was white and a US citizen. In this regard he has both African and American heritage, although this is not strictly the same as the commonly applied term "African American".

Why did enslaved Africans create creole?

No. Creole is a combination of French and African ancestry. So the language, culture, and foods all reflect both the French and African cultures.

What is the cultural and literary background of the Philippines?

The culture of the Philippines is a Malayo-Polynesian Culture. It visualizes the legacy of European colony in the Philippines both written in Indigenous and Hispanic writing system.

What race is desiree Coleman Jackson's father?

Desiree Coleman Jackson's parents, mother and father are both of "African American" heritage. (father is now deceased)

What is the importance of art literature and architecture in Europe?

Art, literature, and architecture both reflected and shaped European culture. The arts stand to as a legacy of the development of society and thought in European history.

Was chivalry used at the time don quixote was written?

Yes, it would have been a large part of the culture, both Spanish and European.

What is the difference of heritage springer and heritage classic?

There are both a heritage classic(softail) is a heritage classic springer and the other a heritage classic which has inverted forks...both have fat tires/spokes and a light on top the front fender.The light on top the front fender is that heritage look.

Is Barack Obama African?

No, he is a natural born US citizen and has never held other citizenship. His father, Barack Obama, Sr., was Kenyan and met his mother when they were both in college and he was a foreign exchange student. They had a brief marriage before Barack Obama, Sr. left and moved back to Africa.Barack Obama, II, the current US President would be considered an African-American, with an American mother of European heritage and an African father.