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Drop out of the race and support the front-runner

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Q: What do less successful candidates for a party’s nomination usually do before the national convention?
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Where is a political parties official nomination of presidential and VP candidates held?

The official nominations take place at the national convention.

What is an election at which a party's voters choose delegates to the party's national convention and or express a preference for candidates for the party's nomination?

Presidential Primary

Who developed the national convention to nominate presidential candidates?

Political parties developed the national convention to nominate presidential candidates.

How have the nomination procedures for presidential and vice presidential candidates changed over time?

For President, primary elections have grown tremendously in number so that in most years, the nomination is decided before the national convention. For vice-president, in recent years, the presidential candidates has chosen the nominee rather than leaving the choice up to the convention delegates.

Where are presidential candidates officially nominated?

Candidates are nominated at their party's national convention.

Presidential candidates are formally nominated at a .?

national convention

Who do candidates try to win votes from at the national convention?

candidates try to win votes from the voters at the national convection.

What are the two most important descisoins made at a national nomination convention?


What is the next step after national convention?

The official nomination of the president and vice president.

What is the main event at a national convention?

official nomination of president and vice president

The state convention nominates which three groups?

all candidates for state offices candidates for Congressional office the delegates to the national convention of the party

What is the meeting of delegates called at which presidential candidates are chosen?

The National Convention.

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