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it couldn't have been worse

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Q: What does he mean by perf?
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What does it mean when a guy says i have a perf body?

When a guy tells you you have a perf (perfect) body means he thinks you are in great shape.

What is the abbreviation for the word performance?


What words start with the prefix perf?

perfect , perfume perfection perform

What is mapbaro ckt rangeperf on a dodge stratus?

Do you mean "MAP/BARO CKT Range/Perf" You have a problem with the MAP sensor. Could be nothing more than a vacuum leak.

What is offense fl perf com serve?

I believe this is Failure To Perform Community Service.

Is Michael Jackson a perf?

No do you listen to the news he wouldn't hurt a fly!!!!!!!! and that's the end of it

How do you take the govenor off a Baja dr150 and is there performance parts for it?

There is no governor and no perf parts.

what caused ths to b the perf storm?

3 indep. storms coverging together

How do you improve the performance on a 1996 Honda civic lx?

try larger exhaust pipe w/ perf. muffler, after-mkt. intake sys. high perf. computer chips, TURBO'S! nitrus, the list can go on as far as wallet will let you!!!

How do you cite a TV show in MLA format?

. . By . Perf. . . . . .

How do you check trouble codes on a 98 Chevy astrovan 4.3 ltr vortec?

CKT range/perf

What is code p0240 on 2001 Oldsmobile aurora?

Turbo/Super Boost Sensor B CKT Range/Perf

What is trouble code P0240 on 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora?

Turbo/Super Boost Sensor B CKT Range/Perf

How do you cite the movie Avatar?

Avatar. Dir. James Cameron. Perf. Sam Worthington. Twentieth Century Fox, 2009. DVD.

What are some things Tumblr girls say?

"omg" "unf" "get in me" "I cant even" "siGH" "what even" "what is air" "omg thats perf" ">>"

What is the value of an orange Eagle A stamp that is misperferated?

It would be hard to evaluate without seeing it. The value of a mis-perf depends on many factors, including how far off the perfs are and whether it is a single stamp or a group of stamps where the mis-perf is easier to understand. It is often caused by a sheet of stamps getting a fold in the printing process.

How do you abbreviate the word performance?

In business and the stock market, you abbreviate the word performance as PERF. In the stock market, performance refers to how a stock is doing.

99 Chevy Malibu po341?

p0341 is camshaft sensor A-bank 1 ckt range/perf, the cam sensor is bad or the wiring to it.

What can be done to 1989 Chevy 1500 350 tbi to make more power?

get rid of the TBI or go with an aftermarket throttle body,Headers,hi perf ignition

What is la jota Caviteรฑa?

A lively dance in triple time from N. Spain. It is perf. by one or more couples, acc. by a gui. player who also sings, and castanets.

Why does my heater core keep busting?

a removed thermostat will cause this. you need some resistace in the system to slow pressure and volume. i have only seen this on high perf. vehicles

What is the purpose of casting and forging number on a cylinder block or head?

this was done during the initial casting of the block and heads. it tells you what car it was on and size of motors and the size of cc the head is. some block casting and not very correct. i have a bbc 396 that has acasting of " hi perf pass truck" there is no such thing. just " hi perf pass", or" truck". head casting a alot more accurate tho. hope this helps.

How do you cite a movie in MLA style?

According the the MLA 7th edition, a movie is cited like the following:For movies not yet released for home use:[Title]. Dir. [name]. Perf. [names of starring actors]. [Film studio], [Release Year]. Film.For movies released for home use:[Title]. Dir. [name]. Perf. [names of starring actors]. [Distributor], [Release Year]. [DVD/VHS/etc].

How much is a 1862 us five cent postage currency worth?

I believe you mean 'Postage Currency'. Yes the post office printed postage currency back in 1862 (Civil War Era).There are four (5 cent) 'Postage Currency's issued in 1862 and they are with values:PC1 (Perf 12 edges) brown: = $190PC5 (Imperforate edges): = $75PC9 (Perf 12 edges): = $230PC13 (Imperforate edges): = $210Note: Values are quoted for notes in crisp, new condition, not creased or worn. Creased or worn notes sell for 25% to 75% less.(Scott Specialized Catalog of US Stamps 2011, page 893)

A 17 years old boy was convicted of promsexual perf by a child and he is a permanent alien in US will he be dereported for sure?

Yes as he has molested a child, which is a big crime in the U.S.A , he will be deported back soon as possible.