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What did the idea of manifest destiny mean

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Why were Americans hostile to mid-nineteenth century legal immigrants

Why did Mexico offer Americans land in Texas

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Q: What does Manifest Destiny look like today?
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What are the american revolutionaries view of God?

I believe that Manifest Destiny maybe one. This is basically when God told the white Americans of the East to move over to the west during the times of the Native Americans. I'd have a closer look at things like Manifest Destiny, I find it might be interesting.

Why did the Americans feel it was their right and duty to spread across the continent?

The reason the people of the United States felt like it was their right and duty to spread across the continent of North America was based on one idea called Manifest Destiny, which has the famous quote: "From sea to shining sea." Manifest Destiny was accomplished through the Monroe Doctrine, if you wish to learn more go to Wikipedia and look up the Monroe Doctrine or Manifest Destiny. I hope this answer helped.

What is the relationship between manifest destiny and the Mexican-american war?

Manifest Destiny - idea that it was the US should expand to include all of Northern American (extreme radicals believed in spreading even further). Supporters of this idea wanted to expand, so they wanted to take over parts of Mexico. A major factor of the war was James Polk, who was president at the time. He was a strong believer of the Manifest Destiny and wanted Mexico.

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What are the main concepts of Manifest Destiny?

The single main concept of Manifest Destiny is the principle that the United States was clearly fated, even by God, to expand across the entire North American continent. The obvious problem with Manifest Destiny (which, it may be argued, continues to the present day as the United States seeks to export what we characterize as "democracy" around the world) is that there may be other people, cultures and ideas in the way. Manifest Destiny ultimately includes so many concepts that we should refer you to the excellent Wikipedia article in the related link below. You can use this as a starting point, but be sure to look at the references and further reading list. This is a deceptively huge subject. Geography

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