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Regardless of whether the origin of the candle wax is petroleum, animal, or vegetable, the National Candle Association notes that all candle waxes share several common characteristics:

Hydrocarbon makeup, a combination of hydrogen and carbon

Solid at room temperature and liquid when heated, known as thermoplasticity

Low chemical reaction

Water repellant

Low toxicity

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Paraffin wax is made of a mix of hydrocarbon molecules with a varied number of carbon atoms that come from crude oil. The chemical composition of most wax is just carbon and hydrogen.

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Q: What elements make up candle wax?
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Which elements make up candle wax?

Mostly carbon and hydrogen

Is candle a element or compound?

A candle chemically speaking is a mixture, containing substances which are made up of chemical compounds, which in turn are composed of elements. . A candle is made up of a wick- generally cotton (cellulose)- and candle wax which is a mixture of hydrocarbons.

What do you do if your candle has no wick left?

Either throw it away, or melt it and save up wax to make another candle.

How do you get candle wax?

You can buy wax to make candles from any online Candle Making Suppliers or if you have Candle Making Suppliers in your area. Go to Google and Search for Candle Making Equipment or Supplies, I'm sure relevant online providers will come up for you.

Where is energy stored in an unlit candle?

the energy stored in an unlit candle is chemical potential energy, and it is stored in the bonds between the atoms in the hydrocarbons (wax) that make up the candle.

Can you recycle candle wax?

Yes, save up all the drips, and candle ends, melt them over a gentle heat and make new candles.

How does a candle burn?

When you try to light a piece of solid wax, it melts, but it does not burn. If solid wax doesnt burn, how does a candle burn? Is it the string wick that is in the middle of the candle that burns? String will burn, but it doesnt burn like a candle does. How then does a candle burn? When you light the wick of a candle, the wax at the top of the candle melts. The molten wax is drawn up the wick just like water soaks to a paper towel. As the wax flows up, the wick gets closer to the heat of the flame, then evaporates. The wax vapour mixes with the oxygen in the air and burns

Is a candle made up of cells?

No. Candles are made of wax. Wax is not made up of cells.

What happened to the candle wax when it was heated by the flame?

When a candle is lit, two different things happen to the wax that it is made of. Some of the wax combusts (burns), which produces the flame at the top of the candle; and some of the wax melts (which may cause it to slide away from the heat, and not end up burning).

What candle burns out first an oil candle or a wax candle?

Generally more energy is in a solid versus a liquid, so a wax candle will have more energy than an oil based candle which means the solid wax candle will burn out last over the oil one. Actually, I can't think of a case where the reverse is true. And btw, wax candle has around 42 kJ/g with oil candle being around ~30 kJ/g (type of oil will make a difference here). tho' i agree with most of the above, the most important part of any candle is the oil/oil byproduct/animal fat or beeswax that it is made from! a wax candle will NOT burn until it heats up enough to dissolve into an oil - which occurs between 140-160 degrees! therefore, an oil candle and a wax candle burn out at the same time!

What do you need to make a homemade candle?

you need to melt some parafin wax. there are a couple of methods here. first you can take a string and dip it in and out of the parafin wax, which will eventually form a candle. the second method is to pour the melted wax into a can or something, and putting a stirng in the middle. you then let the can of wax cool. once cooled, open the can at the other end, and heat up the sides to remove the can...leaving a candle behind. parafin wax can be found at your local gorgery store.

Which elements are used to make candles?

Candles are made from wax. Wax is an organic compound made up from carbon and hydrogen.

How long does it take for a red colored candle to burn out?

The colour has nothing to do with the length of time the candle burns for. It all depends on the chemical make-up of the wax and the wick. Some wicks are classed as slow burn. These have been inpregnated with paraffin wax as well.

How do you get candle wax out of the candle stick holder?

You can use a hair dryer and as the wax melts either wipe it up with a towel or just let it run out of the candle holder into the waste bin. FREEZE the candle holder, it will pop right out!

How do you color a candle?

You have to melt wax on the stove. Get a cup, ( about 3, or 4 inches tall). Get a crayon, and the candle. For this the candle has to be mini. break up the crayon (about 1 inch a piece), put them in the cup. Then put wax in the cup with the crayon and stir until all the chuncks of crayon are gone. The wax will be the same color as the crayon. Then sit the mini-candle n the cup of colored wax. DONT TAKE THE CANDLE OUT!!! Leave the candle in there and it stays in there cuz that is the candle. when it all drys you can decorate it with sparkels and other things.

What happens when you light a candle?

the wax burns up and continuosly drips down the wax burns up and continuosly drips down

Why burning of a candle is a chemical change which melting of wax a physical change?

A candle "burns" around the wick. It doesn't physically change the wick or the wax. The wax is physically pulled up the wick and heated by the suspended flame, and changed into hot liquid wax.

Why does candle wax disappear?

When the candle flame is burning, the flame heats the wax which melts it, the wick pulls in the liquid wax into the flame as fuel (this is why the wick doesn't just burn away). Think of a napkin soaking up water. The wax then burns in the flame and "disappears".

How can you prevent candle wax from sticking?

I always had a problem with the melted wax sticking to my candle holders and ended up either scratching or breaking them trying to get the wax off. I was looking on ebay and found a product that makes the wax not stick at all. It's called Candle Care. It is a 6oz. bottle. It lasts a long time and it works great!

What is in a candle?

A candle is made up of paraffin wax, stearic acid and a wick. If we take 10 spoons of wax we should put one spoon of stearic acid and insert a suitable wick according to the size of the candle.

What does a candle use for fuel?

The liquid wax. Once the candle melts the wax around the wick, it draws it up through the cloth wick in order to fuel the flame. Oxygen is also required for the candle to burn, but it is not the fires fuel source.

Can you get candle wax off of formica?

Yes, scrape the wax off gently. If the wax was so hot that it melted the Formica, then you can't clear up the mess much.

What function does each part of the candle have?

The function of the wax is to fuel the flame, it works with the air in a room or wherever the candle is and make the flame burn brighter, releasing the Good or bad- smell of the wax. The wick is made up of braided cord or string and it holds the flame, the tip of the string curls down toward the candle and that makes the flame burn at full capacity, the whole function, basically of the candle is to make the flame burn strong and bright.

How do you get the wax film off a candle?

Candles clean up beautifully with nylon hosiery. Just ball up a piece of stocking and buff the candle gently.

Why melting of wax is difference than burning of wax?

Melting wax will leave a liquid wax in the container. Burning wax (candle, for example) will mean that there will not be any wax left in the container. The wax has been used up in producing light.