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nuclear energy

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Q: What- Fission is used in the production of _____.?
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Related questions

Fission is used in the production of?

nuclear energy

What is Fission used in the production of .?

nuclear energy

Fission is used in the production of .?

nuclear energy

What is the element first used for fission in the atomic bomb production?

The element first used for fission in an atomic bomb is uranium.

How long has nuclear fission been used?

For power production, since 1956

Which of the following is not produced in fission reactions?

The energy production of the sun & the atomic bombs used in world war ll

Production of what type of energy involves fission?

Production of Nuclear energy involves fission. The fission process often produces free neutrons and photons in the form of gamma rays, and releases a very large amount of energy.

What is fission used in the production of?

Nuclear fission is used for:propulsion (submarines and ice breakers)isotope productionresearchmaterial testelectric energy productionsaline water desalinationmedical treatment.... etc

What is the result of a binary fission?

Binary fission results in production of off springs. It is common in amoeba.

What change occurs during nuclear fission?

In nuclear fission, an atomic nucleus splits. This results in the production of fission fragments, and particulate and electromagnetic energy.

What are reactor and uranium are used in the production of?

A nuclear reactor is a facility which produce electricity and heat from the fission of uranium or plutonium.The energy released by fission of uranium-235 (or other isotopes) is immense compared to the energy content of fossil fuels.

What happens when the nucleus of an atom of uranium 235is struck by protons?

Also a nuclear fission with the production of fission products.

Why nuclear fission better?

Nuclear fission is now commercially available in nuclear fission reactors since the fifties of last century. Nuclear Fusion is still under R&D. Nuclear fission reactors are clean energy source.

Is nuclear fusion or nuclear fission more dangerous?

Nuclear fusion is very dangerous if used in H-bombs. In power production fusion will probably be safer than fission but as it has not been made to work yet this may turn out not to be so

What is the process of the production of lighter nuclei from heavier nuclei called. Nuclear radiation nuclear force fusion or fission?

this is the result of nuclear fission

What processes depend on fission?

The energy production in nuclear reactors. The atomic bombs used in World War ll. Apex.

Where is fission used?

Fission is used in nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons.

Production of this type of energy involves fission?

That would be nuclear energy.

Are the nuclei lighter after nuclear fission?

Yes, the results of nuclear fission include the production of lighter nuclei. The originating atom has split into smaller pieces.

What is fission temperature?

Fission of U-235 or Pu-239 is not very sensitive to temperature, but neutrons are absorbed better if they are slowed down after production, this is the function of the moderator.

The process of the production of lighter nuclei from heavier nuclei is called?

Nuclear fission

Consequences of nuclear energy?

Production of electricity and long lived fission products

Did Lise Meitner patent nuclear fission?

No; she has a patent for an improvement in the production of radiothorium.

High temperature is required to initiate a nuclear fission reaction?

Not at all, the temperature of U-235 or Pu-239 which are used for nuclear energy production by fission, has no effect on the fission reaction, which is driven only by the capture cross-section for neutron capture. Slow neutrons are captured more strongly than fast ones, so it is an advantage for the moderator not to be at a high temperature.

Why is uranium used in nuclear power production?

Uranium is a radioactive substance. Nuclear power production is carried out by the energy supplied by nuclear reactors. Nuclear reactors control the energy emission by nuclear fission reaction in radioactive substance when bombarded by neutrons.

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