What frequency is best for PEMF?

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Q: What frequency is best for PEMF?
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What types of conditions can PEMF therapy treat?


Which stereo speakers offer the best frequency response?

Bose speakers are best for frequency response.

What is the best frequency to control a dog?

There is no best frequency. If you train a dog correctly any frequency the dog can hear will control it. Your voice, whistle, 'silent' whistle. All are acceptable.

Does higher frequency gives best sound quality?

A higher sampling frequency gives better sound reproduction. Up to the Nyquist frequency.

What statement best describes frequency and pitch?

None of them.

Which frequency do humans hear the best?

3.15 khz

Would you learn kanji by frequency or simplicity?

The best way to learn kanji is by frequency. The more frequent the better you will get at it.

When is the best time to use a frequency table?

The best time to use a frequency table is when you have disorganized raw data, that need to be sorted, usually to find trends in the data.

What is best laptop processor?

ITdeppend on the frequency of your mother board! but the best for it was A QUADCORE OR CELEROnXP

What is the best type of graph to represent FREQUENCY TABLE?

It is a histogram.

The transmit frequency is 140.250 MHz what is the best choice for the receive frequency?

Try 140.250Mhz. There should not be any shift from sent to received.

Frequency of hearing for human range?

Humans can hear sounds of 20 to 20,000 Hz. Hearing is best in the middle part of this range. However, the acuity varies between individuals and changes with age so that there is no specific frequency at which humans hear best.