What happen when water is poured into the glass with bits of paper?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What happen when water is poured into the glass with bits of paper?
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How do you use in a poured sentence?

He got a glass and poured out a drink of water for himself.

Is this sentence right he poured water into the glass?

Yes, "He poured water into the glass." is a grammatically correct sentence as long as the first word is capitalized and there is a period at the end.

What happens when salt water is poured into the glass containing cold tap water?

When salt water is poured into a glass containing cold tap water, the salt water will collect and settle at the bottom of the glass. This is due to the salinity and density of the salt water.

When cold water is poured into a glass the glass becomes colder?

Yes, it is true.

If you poured oil into a glass of water would it sink or float?

it won't cuz

When poured into water in a glass jar oil floats to the top?

The oil has less density

Why is hot water poured to a drinking glass more likely to break the glass?

The hot water will increase the temperature of the glass and cause the inside of the gas to expand faster than the outside.This will exert a force on the glass and the glass may crack.

Why is it that the outer wall of a glass cup is wet when a cold water is poured in the glass cup?

Water from the air condensates on the glass cup. Because the air is cooling down, it can no longer hold as much humidity as it did (saturation).

What will happen if water and bleach was poured on growing grass?

If it is a lot of bleach, it will kill the grass.

What happens when putting a paper in a glass of water?

the paper will become wet and will tear.

Do paper cups soak up water?

no because if it did wen u poured your water in your cup it wood suck it up.

What will happen if water is poured on a magnet?

When we pour water onto a magnet it loses a little bit of magnetic power.