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Q: What happens if something happens to the wrold?
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What is the first library in the world?

what's a wrold?

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nile river

What is the population in wrold?

the population of the world is 6,775,278,928

Which locations can granite be found?

around the wrold

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He changed the wrold because he once was the best football player that had made lots of goals. But now he is not the most famouse persone in the wrold

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all over the wrold

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If they are put in it, They should be in the Rest of the wrold section.

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24 hours and 8 minutes

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If you keep hoping, it will happen. Hitler almost did that.....

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World War I started in 1914.

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Nile is the longest river in the world

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to get growite in white you have to trade with dream wrold

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it means to have you citizen all around the wrold.

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if something happens to you it oviesly matters but it depends on what happens to you on what you do.

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15-20 Million

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Explanatiin of how or why something happens?

an explanation of how or why something happens is called a hypothesis.

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No one knows for sure this period. It is only the Creator that know when.

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no taylor does not have a baby

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If it happens often, it happens commonly.

What happens to your stomach when digesting?

Something happens.

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Yes, the surface of the Earth is covered by more water than land.

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Uruguay had won the first world cup in 1930.