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Q: What is a "NullPointerException" in Java, and how can it be resolved?
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Can NullPointerException be used with ArithmaticException using throws keyword in java?

No. You cannot throw or catch Null pointer exceptions

Throws statement in java?

throw new Throwable(); or throw new Error("Danger will Robinson!"); or throw new NullPointerException(); etc.

What is NullPointerException?

A NullPointerException is an exception thrown by the Java Virtual Machine when you try to access a variable as if it were an object when it is contains null. For example, the following code would throw a NullPointerException: String s; if (s.charAt(0) == 'c') // this line throws NullPointerException return "s[0] is 'c'";

How do you overcome problem of NullPointerException?

By making sure that we do a null check everytime before using reference variables.

What do you mean by NullPointer Exception?

NullPointerException - Is Thrown when attempting to access an object with a reference variable whose current value is null.

What is exception and list some of the common type of exception?

Exceptions are thrown when Java encounters an error. They are a fundamental part of the Java error handling system. In a nutshell, Java will throw an Exception when it encounters an error so that an exception handler can "handle" the error. For instance, if a calculator program is given the command "1/0", Java can throw an ArithmeticException which could be reported back to the user.Some common types are:ArithmeticException - thrown when arithmetic error has occurred, like dividing by 0IOException - thrown when an input or output error has occurred, like a file not foundArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException - thrown when a nonexistent element of an array is requested, like arr[-1]NullPointerException - thrown when some operation if performed on an object whose value is nll.

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