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C6H12O6 + O2 = ATP and CO2 and H2O

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Q: What is an eqation for Celluar respiration?
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Related questions

What are the raw materials for celluar respiration?

The raw materials for the celluar respiration is :glucose & oxygen .

What is a celluar respitortion?

did you mean cellular respiration?

What is the end product of Celluar respiration?


What cellular process produces these waste?

the celluar respiration

How are photosynthesis and celluar respiration almost opposite processes?

Photosynthesis is what plants do while respiration is what animals do.

Why do cells undergo celluar respiration?

Cuz it feels like it

What is celluar respiration?

Cellular respiration is the chemical reaction that helps a person to turn the sugar in food into energy.

When do green plants carry on celluar respiration?

during day and night

How do bacteria obtain energy to carry out there function?

Through celluar respiration.

What part of celluar respiration breaks down glucose into pyruvate?


How are photosynthesis and celluar respiration related?

The products of photosynthesis, oxygen and glucose, are the reactants of cellular respiration, and the products of cellular respiration, carbon dioxide and water, are the reactants of photosynthesis.

If cellular respiration stops occurring will the animal die?

yes, it will, because, celluar respiration is critical for a cell to continue to live

What do plants need for cellular respiration?

light water is esseciental for celluar respiction

What raw materials are needed for aerobic celluar respiration?

glucose and oxygen gas

What are the steps of celluar respiration?

Glucose is conveted to pyruvate producing a small amount of ATP and NADH Aerobic respiration producing ATP == ==

Where does celluar reapiration take place?

Cellular respiration always takes place in the mitochondria.

One of the products of respiration is carbon dioxide?

Yes, carbon dioxide is made when glucose is broken down in the process called celluar respiration.

How does the eqation for cellular respiration compare with the equation for photosynthesis?

products of photosynthesis are oxygen and glucose. products of cellular respiration are carbon dioxide and glucose and also lactic acid

What are products of the electron transport chain in the second stage of celluar respiration?

34 adenosine triphosphate

Do plants do celluar respiration?

it does use cellular resp0irationPlants also need energy.They get energy by respiration

How do our bodies get glucose from celluar respiration?

We get our glucose from plants or other animals that have eaten plants. And cellular respiration produces the reactants for photosynthesis which produces glucose the glucose that our bodies get!

What is the eqation for cellular respiration?

C6H12O6+O2 yields 6CO2+ 6H2OADP+P yields ATP

What type of respiration occurs in bread making?

the type of respiration: (((((((((((((((((( GUYS LISTEN SOCCER IS AWSOME COME ON BE A SOCCER PLAYER ITS AWSOME The correct answer is celluar respiration.

Ture or False If an animal cell stops carrying out cellular respiration it will die?

yes, it willm, because, celluar respiration is critical for a cell to continue to live

The first step in celluar respiration is?

glycolesisIt takes place in cytoplasm.It is common to both aerobic and anaerobic respiration