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Q: What is Maximum number of inputs to a data selector having 3 control pins?
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Introduction multiplexer demultiplexer?

A multiplexer, commonly referred as an input selector, is a circuit with many inputs but only one output: it has some data inputs, control inputs and one output, depending on the control inputs, one input from the data inputs is sent to the output .A demultiplexer is a circuit with one data input, few control inputs and many outputs, it is also known as output selector.

What is the maximum number of inputs to a data selector having 3 control pins?

@Elizabethbro this website is for getting answers stop being so harsh

What interacts with each phase in the conversion of inputs to outputs?


What multisensory mean?

It means having many sensory inputs.

What is the eq of XOR gate having 3 inputs?

An XOR (or XNOR) gate cannot have three defies the XOR logic.

What are the inputs and outputs of an oven?

Inter-Electrical Charges, Control Heater.

Are the control inputs on a 74148 active high?

Active low (0-0.8v)

What is the maximum number of inputs you could have on say an OR gate If it were a 16 pin chip could you have 14 pin inputs one Vcc and on GND?

You need an output pin as well, so in the example of the 16 pin chip, you could have 13 inputs.

How much an PLC have outputs and inputs maximum?

There are PLC with fixed inputs and outputs. There are modular ones which can be added on with inputs and outputs. So number of input and output of a PLC is actually based on the type of PLC you choose. Different types are available in the market.

What are the maximum numbers of inputs and outputs that a flip-flop can have?

A: The inputs can be many but the outputs can only be two true or false. In try state flip flop the outputs can be open that will make 3

What is a control circuit?

It is a circuit that controls some aspect of a system. In a car there may be multiple control circuits such as anti-lock brakes. It takes various inputs, processes the inputs and produces some control outputs, like pulsing the various brakes and assessing the results.

What are discrete inputs?

Discrete inputs are inputs to a PLC(programmable logic controller)that require an on or off signal. Limit switches,push buttons,selector switches or relay contacts would be good examples of devices used on discrete inputs.Hope this helps.Inputs often refers to data that is entered into a computer. The resources that are needed for production purposes can also be called inputs. Some of these things are raw materials, energy, and machines, for example. People can also offer their input on a situation. Most people use the word input instead of inputs.

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