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Q: What is the limite on writing a book or a series?
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What was the writing style in a series of unfortunate events book 1?

The writing style in book 1 is a suspenseful book

Is Rick Riordan writing another Percy Jackson book?

No, he is not. As the series is concluded, Rick Riordan is not writing another Percy Jackson book. However, there is a sequel series out that continues the series. That series is called the Heroes of Olympus. The first book of the Heroes of Olympus is called the Lost Hero.

Is the warriors book series over?

Nope - they are still writing the Dawn of the Clans series.

When will Percy Jackson and the Olympians book 6 come out?

The series ends at Book #5, but Rick Riordan is writing another book series, The Kane Chronicles.

Is cryptic cravings the last book in the vampire kisses series?

Ellen has not released any information to weather or not she is writing another book in that series, but i cannot say for sure. I wish i could give you a solid answer, but i cannot. i hope she continues writing!

Is Rick Riordan writing another book?

Yes, he is writing another series that has Camp Half Blood in it, and he wrote an Eygptian mythology book...not sure when release date is.

Is book 5 the final book in the Percy Jackson series?

Yes, but Rick Riordan is in the proses of writing a new Camp Half-Blood series that's about the prophecy that was said in the 5th book.

Is Pseudonymous Bosch writing a fifth book?

Yes. However, it will probably be the last book in the series. It is called "You Have to Stop This."

What is the name of Percy Jackson and the Olympians book 6?

there is no book 6 to that series. However, Rick Riordan is writing a new series entiteled "The heroes of Olympus" and the first book is called "the lost hero".

What are Rick Riordans successes?

Writing the book series "Percy Jackson and the Olympians"

What is the last book in the Artemis Fowl series?

There is not a last book in the Artemis Fowl series...yet. There are rumors that Eoin Colfer is writing more books on our friend Arty.

Is Erin Hunter writing a sixth book in the 'Warriors Power of Three' Series?


Is cornelia funke writing a fourth book to the Inkheart series?

no, inkdeath was the conclusion to the trilogy.

What is the duration of No Limite?

The duration of No Limite is 3600.0 seconds.

How do you write a book series?

Writing a series is more complicated than just writing one book. You have to keep track of everything you write so you don't have Uncle George in Book 1 turn into Aunt Georgina in Book 3. Most authors have a "Bible" where they keep important facts like neighbor's names and what the house looks like and where the street is in the city and other stuff.Aside from that, you just plant your butt in a chair and start writing.

Is Linda Gerber writing another Death By book?

There has been no announcement by Linda Gerber about there being another book in the Death By series.

How many years did it take to write the Harry Potter series?

J.K. Rowling began writing the series in 1990. The first book was published in the UK in 1997 and the final book was published in 2007.

Who is writing the 12th 39 clues book?

There is not going to be a 12th 39 Clues book, but there is going to be a new 39 Clues series. The first book in the new series is called The Medusa Plot by Gordon Korman.

When was No Limite created?

No Limite was created on 2000-07-23.

When did No Limite end?

No Limite ended on 2009-09-27.

How long are you going to keep writing the book Harry Potter?

The series has 7 books and is complete.

Do series titles need to be underlined or put in quotes or neither how would you punctuate the twilight series?

When you are writing or typing a book title it is underlined. This also applies to the name of a series.

Is their an end to the magic tree house series or is Mary pope Osborne still writing?

she is still writing and her newest book comes out fall 2010

Is evernight the book going to be a movie?

Evernight the vampire book series from Claudia Grey has not been picked up for movie production rights. Currently Claudia Grey is no longer writing the Evernight series.

Why is there no 6th Percy Jackson book?

Rick Riordan is writing the first book to the second series, and is said to be released this fall [2010], at the moment there is only five books, but the second series will be out soon. [I can not wait!]