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The miller dwelt beside the river Dee. He was always singing that he envies nobody and nobody envies him. Who is the happier of the two, the miller or the king? The miller is happier than the king. He earns his bread with his own hands. He loves his wife and three children. He is not In debt and is thankful to god.

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Q: What is the main idea of the miller dee?
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Main idea of the Miller dee?

Based on older question like this, No matter how rich or poor you are, it's happiness that matters. A Main Idea is also like a Theme. This would be the theme for miller dee.

Summary on the Miller of Dee by Charles Mackay?

A Miller is a person who turns a mill

What is the theme of the poem the miller of the dee?

Literature of all types will be written with a common theme. The theme of the poem The Miller of Dee is contentment in one's life.

What is glenn miller's daughter's name?

Jonnie Dee

What is the meaning of poem the miller of dee?

it means the river where the miller live a happy and simple life

Where does Jonnie Dee Miller live?

La Jolla, CA

Is Jonnie Dee Miller (Glenn Miller's daughter) still alive?


What were the names of Glenn Miller's children?

Glenn Miller's childrens names are Jonnie Dee who is his daughter and Steve is the son. He is not related to the rock musician Steve Miller.

What is theme of the poem the miller of the dee?

No matter how rich or poor you are, it's happiness that matters.....

Why did glenn miller choose the name jonnie Dee for his daughter?

Since she was adopted, I doubt that he did.

Does James Andrews play for Dee Miller FC?

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How is an implied main idea different from a stated main idea?

A stated main idea is when the author says the main idea right in the story where an implied main idea is where the author gives you clues to the main idea and you have to infer it.

What does main idea mean?

what the whole story is about that is what main idea mean.

What is the summary Of the poem The Miller Of Dee?

there dwelt a miller hale and bold,beside the river dee;he worked and sang from morn to night,no lark more blithe than he,and this the burden of his song for ever used to be, "i envy nobody,no,not i, and nobody envies me!"

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Main idea with information

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A stated main idea is when the writer of the particular piece clearly identifies what the main idea is. In contrast, an unstated main idea is when the writer references the main idea, but does not clearly name it.

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the antonym of main idea is "detail".

What is an implied main idea?

a main idea that is not stated in the speech.

what is themeย ?

the main idea of a story.

Central idea of the poem 'the miller of the dee'?

This poem has been written by Charles Mackay. In this poem the poet says that wealth and fame cannot make a man happy. A person like the Miller is poor but he woks hard to earn bread for himself and his family and loves everyone. He can be happy and satisfied with his life

Please state the number of syllables that comprise the word idea?

I-dee-a 3