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Plants can only die once

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i feel really stupid! This was a prank my friends told me to do so please dont judge me!

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Does the plant die or live if you give it lots of water?

Hiya :-) it depends how much water. If you put a little amount the chances are your plant will die whereas if you out to much the plant may die. If your watering a plant make sure you don't drown the plant or dehydrate the plant give it a healthy amount. Thank You, hope i answered your question. Minty the 3rd x3

Microwaved water plant?

I think the plant will easily die because heat has a small amount of oxygen.

Will a plant die in th dark?

After a certain amount of time Yes the plant will die Due to plant not being able to make glucose from the process photosynthesis, So in other word the plant will starve to death

What will happen to a plant that does not receive enough carbon dioxide?

That's simple! If a plant does not have enough carbon dioxide out of the amount given, it will die. :(PLANT

What would happen if the stem of a plant were broken?

some will die some will split and grow, depents of the plant and amount of tissue damage.

Can a money plant survive in the desert?

The money plant can not survive in desert because in desert because their is large amount of sun light and money plant will die. It can only survive indoors

How long does it take an unfed plant to die?

The amount of time it takes for an unfed plant to die will depend on the type of plant. Some plants will regenerate the cells within them which makes them withstand lack of food for a long time while other wither and die as soon as food is unavailable.

Why too little and too much amount of water can kill the plant?

Underwatering a plant will cause it to die because it won't get enough water to be supported. Overwatering will lead the plant to drown. And yes, it is possible for a plant to drown.

Has anyone ever died from smoking weed?

No, Marjuana is one of the safest substances known to man. by comparison, a dose of aspirin is 200 mgs, but you can die from taking 3000mgs. You would have to smoke a rediculous amount of cannibis all at once, around 250,000 times the amount needed to get high. You can never die from such a beautiful plant anyway.

Can you plant cutting flowers in the desert?

you can but it will die if it doesn't have the same amount of water as it does sunlight. it will have to much sunlight and that can kill it

What happens after a rigid plant is watered?

the plant maybe drown and when the soil wont sip all the water and the plant collect the necessary amount of water for it benefit the plants maybe die or it will get decayed for sometime.

What is the effect of oil on plant growth?

If you were to water a plant with oil and even some amount of water to go with it, the plant would soon die in less than a week even. The time it would take for a plant to die would depend on what type of plant it is. If you haven't realized yet, the plant affected with oil will not live longer but die sooner than expected. This is my answer, and I hoped it helped all of you questioning people in wonder of it.

What happens if a plant does not have enough carbon dioxide?

It Would Die... Most times they die but dont do it again but you might be lucky and it MIGHT survive.

How does salt water affect the plant growth?

The higher the amount of salt in the soil outside of the plant cells causes water to move outside of the plant cells to try and equalize the all the concentration. Root cells die and, if bad enough, the plant will die. The damage that the salt water gives, makes the plant get a burnt look,often on the leaf edges first.

Does temperature affect the growth of a plant?

Yes, temperature does have an affect on the growth of a plant. If the temperature reaches a certain temperature such as -7 degrees grass will freeze, but not die. If the temperature reaches a high of 120 degrees grass's water will evaporate and the plant WILL die from dehydration. It is much the same for all plants, although plants vary as to how much effect temperature has on them and we can alter the amount of effect somewhat. For example, during times of extreme heat, we can water the lawn.yes it does because if it is to cold than it will die

What does plants respond to?

they respond to a certain amount of sunlight and water but like drugs if you over dose there will be many problems like the plant will die

What would most be the likely effect on cellular respiration if a plant lost much of its chlorophyll?

If a plant lost a significant amount of its chlorophyll, than it couldn't produce as much food for itself as before. Therefor, the plant would have less food it could use in respiration, and thus respiration would decrease. With less respiration, the plant would have less energy, and if the amount of chlorophyll loss was too high, the plant would die.

Does lysosome ever die?

yes they do they are the first plant organelles to die in a plant cell

What are the effects of Advil on plant growth?

The effects of Advil is that the plants don't grow. They begin to die over time depending how the amount of Advil given.

How much water should plants get a day?

You should spray them three times in the morning and the afternoon. This will keep your plant healthy, and your plant won't die because of being over watered.

When plants die do cells die?

if the plant dies the cells die because specifically the cells are the first things in a plant that die which makes the plant die. as it needs for sunlight the leaf turns white and the palisade cells start to die therefore the plant evntually dies of not producing photosynthesis and food for itselfxx

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