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Q: What is the mood in shabine?
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Which language the word shabine belog to?

which language does shabine speak

What is shabine?

Shabine means a light skinned woman or a Spanish Rose

What are the themes in the story shabine?

what is the theme of the story shabine from the book a world of prose

What does the name shabine mean?

A "shabine" is a light-skinned, black person. Basically someone of Negro roots who has light/white skin. However not to be mistaken with an albino.

When was the prose shabine by hazel simmons McDonald written?


What is the setting of Shabine Hazel Simmons McDonald?

Riverside Road neighborhood in St.Lucia.

What is the narrative technique used in the short story shabine?

3rd person omniscient

How did the narrator court Justine in the story shabine?

what fruit did the narrator used to court Justine

What is the prose story Shabine by Hazel Simmons-McDonald about?

shabine is about a famiy of four who has been through some very rough and hard times,justine which is a main character who has two sons gold and silve rwhom where bullied by children in their village about their mother being an "jamette"

What is the meaning of the word shabine in the story?

A light skinned black person (mulatto) who has one black and white parent

What are the challenges faced by shabine from the world of prose?

she was neglected by her father and that played a huge part on who she is now and the way that she behaves

What is the conflict in the story shabine?

the conflict was where justine was being teased and treated poorly by society itself, by not letting her fit in anywhere

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