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Q: What is the most significant change in the comments, energy as it moves from point d to point a?
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How electric energy is change to sound energy?

Electric energy is changed to sound energy by a electromagnetic transducer, a speaker. The speaker moves a magnet that moves the air.

How does the energy of an electron change when the elctron moves closer to the nucleus?

As the electron moves nearer the nucleus the energy level of the electron decreases.

How does gravitational potential engergy change into kinetic energy?

When the object moves, its potential energy is converted into kinetic energy.

How does the energy of an electron change when the electron moves closer to the nucleus?

it decreases

What happens to kinetic energy when mass and speed change?

IT moves faster

How does energy change as water moves down a slope?

Potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy, the water speeds up.

What moves in or out of a substance during a change of state?

A change of state involves a gain or loss of heat energy.

How does the energy of an electron change when the electron moves farther away from the nucleus?

It increases

Why does kinetic energy increase as an object moves?

Kinetic energy increases as an object moves faster. An objects' kinetic energy will only change if the force acting on the object changes the object's speed.

What is the change of energy called as it moves between kinetic energy and potential energy and back again?

Look on wikapedia the free encyclopedia!

When an electron moves from a higher energy state to a lower energy state the change is said to be what?

The energy is said to be given off as a photon of light.

How does the energy of an electron change as it moves closer to the nucleus?

The potential energy of electrons decreases while Kinetic energy becomes increased the overall effect is the decrease in energy.

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