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الإسم العلمي هو: زيت نباتي

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اسامه سلطان حمود

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2021-10-17 18:50:56
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Q: What is the scientific name for water clock, clock, water, juice, soapy liquid, olive oil, and sunflower oil?
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What is juice in a scientific way?

liquid fruit

What is the scientific name for liquid that causes bonding with both male and female during sex?

orange juice.

Why is orange juice a liquid and not a solid?

Orange juice is a liquid and not a solid because juice is a liquid

Is apple juice gas solid liquid or vapor?

Apple juice, at room temperature, is a liquid.

How do we extract juice from sunflower leavesand by the way, are sunflower leaves abundant in nitrogen?

Through warm and cold presses, yes

How do you make pickle flavored sunflower seeds?

who would want to know pickle sunflower seeds are gross but if i were to make them i would get sunflower seeds and put them in pickle juice so

Can you melt juice?

Melting is turing a solid into a liquid. Juice is already a liquid therefore you cannot melt it Technically, you can't melt juice, because melting refers to the state change from a solid to a liquid, and since juice is already a liquid, you can't melt juice.

Is grape juice solid liquid or gas?

Juice ba is

Why is orange juice is a liquid not a solid and why?

because it’s juice

Is fruit juice a solid liquid or gas?

The fruit juice is a liquid at room temperature.

How do you make dill pickle flavored sunflower seeds?

People can make sunflowers seeds that are flavored by dill pickles, by soaking the seeds in a jar of pickle juice. Sunflower seeds should be soaked in the pickle juice for a couple days.

What is an example of liquid to liquid?

juice and water

Is juice solid liquid or gas?


Is juice a solid liquid gas?


Which liquid freezes faster juice or soda?


is an ice lolly a solid liquid or gasIs juice a solid liquid or gas?


What is in juice?


What is juice?

Juice is the liquid that can be squeezed from edible fruit to drink.

Ingredients in juice?

Juice is the liquid squeezed out of plant material.

What chemical reaction is juice?

Juice is not a reaction; it is a liquid mixture.

What liquid will freeze faster water juice or milk?


What does a clock need that an apple has?

Apple juice, obviously...

Examples of liquid-liquid solutions?

lemonade and mango juice

Apple juice is gas or liquid? would it be a gas?

How do you change an apple to a liquid?

To change an apple to a liquid you have to juice it.

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