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Muscle tissue can stretch.

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Paxton Brown

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Shiksha Sharma

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The cells that make up muscle tissue have the unique capacity to shorten or contract to cause movement of the bodily components. The tissue is densely packed with cells and has many of blood channels.
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Ali Purple

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βˆ™ 2022-11-07 02:30:59
Bro said "MuScLe TiSsUe CaN StReTcH" YEA NO $#!% SHERLOCH
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Sophia Obilade

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There are 3 types of muscle. Striated, smooth and cardiac muscles. Each does a different thing but the heart or cardiac muscle is hard working so the other parts have blood.

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Q: What makes muscle tissue different from other tissues?
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What makes muscle tissue different from other tissue?

Muscle tissue can stretch.

What tissue makes up the hand?

connective, nervous, muscle, and epithelial tissues

What type of tissue is the testes?

The testis are not made of one tissue but of several which makes them organs. There are tissues that form the duct work, blood vessel tissues and even muscle tissues.

What is a cardiac muscle tissue?

Cardiac muscle tissue is the specific muscle tissue that makes up the bulk of the heart. It is different than either skeletal or smooth muscle.

What type of tissue makes up the heart muscle?

Cardiac Muscle, which is muscle tissue, makes up the heart muscle

What tissues makes the glandular tissue in animals?

apithelial tissues

Do skeletal muscle tissue makes up blood vessel walls?

No, skeletal muscle tissues are located in the skeletal muscles and not blood vessels. Blood vessels are usually made of smooth epithelial cell tissue and not more on muscle.

What makes a muscle tissue?

Okay, so a group of cells make a tissue. A group of tissues make a organ. A group of organs make an organ system. A group of organ systems make an organism. That's the easiest way to put it. I know what you're thinking, "But I said "muscle tissues"!". Well, it's all the same thing. Tissues are tissues, and whether it's a muscle tissue or a... I really don't know tissue, it's considered a tissue, so to make it long story short, a group of cells make a tissue. Your welcome.

Which tissues also makes the glandular tissue in animals?

epithelial tissue,mucular,connective,nervous

What makes up a tissue?

cells make tissues.

What are the types of tissue that makes up muscles?

muscle tissue

What makes up a muscle tissue?

A group of muscle cells

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