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What verbs can i use in a sentence instead of a to be verb such as Was or were

What is the antecedent for the capitalized pronoun Dave and Jenny are proud of THEIR gift because they bought it with money they earned themselves

What is the verb phrase in the sentence She should not have borrowed your dress

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Q: What modofies nouns or pronoun?
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A noun that has a pronoun in it?

Examples of nouns that have a pronoun withing it:homeweekbusbayousheepmotherfatherwhimwitmathematicswholehour

What modifies nouns or pronunes?

Adjectives modify nouns and pronoun.

What are the nouns in the sentence I went to town by bus?

The nouns are town and bus. I is a pronoun.

Is you and person in nouns?

Person = Noun You = Pronoun

She went to the game with him Is the words she and him nouns or verbs?

The question should be: Are the words she and him nouns or verbs? Definitely not. They are pronouns. She = subject pronoun; him = object pronoun

What is the noun in the sentence It likes to sleep in a special bed and on the floor of its tank?

There are three nouns and a pronoun. Bed, floor and tank are nouns, and it is a pronoun. The word its is a possessive pronoun used as an adjective.

What does a pronoun stand for?

Pronouns stand in for nouns. The pronouns are: I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they.

When a sentence has two nouns but only one pronoun then only one of the nouns can be connected to the antecedent?

No, that is not true. The antecedent can be one noun, or two or more nouns. For example: Jack and Jill went up the hill carrying a pail with them. (the antecedent for the pronoun 'them' is the two nouns, Jack, Jill) I have apple, cherry, and lemon. Which one would you like? (there is no antecedent for the pronoun 'I'; the antecedents for the indefinite pronoun 'one' are the nouns apple, cherry, lemon)

What are the nouns in the sentence He works both day and night?

The two nouns are day and night. He is a pronoun.

What kind of pronoun is our?

The pronoun 'our' is a possessive adjective, a word that is placed before a noun to describe that noun.The pronoun 'our' is a plural pronoun, a word that takes the place of the nouns (or names) of two or more people.The pronoun 'our' is a first person pronoun, a word that takes the place of the nouns (or names) of the person speaking.Example: Your father and I are going out for our anniversary.

Which is the noun and which is the pronoun in the sentence you like to make faces in the mirror?

The nouns in the sentence are: faces and mirror. The pronoun is: you

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